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Halo Infinite Analysis

Original text too short. Infinite is the Halo we had been waiting years: one with a campaign as solid as exciting, and with a fantastic multiplayer. After several controversies, delays and even a pitch by surprise to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the franchise, Halo Infinite is already among us. The new first-person shooter of 343 Industries, which is converted by descent and on merit in the great workhorse Xbox for Christmas, also has a new format, the availability of a paid version and other FREE-to -play. That is why we have decided to divide the analysis of the game in two parts. In one find our impressions and assessment of the campaign, which buy should — or download if you are subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass service — and on the other what seemed to us the multiplayer section, which can be enjoyed by worldwide in the distributed-to- FREE format play both console and PC, a novelty in the saga. The bell By Joseph Maria Sempre All's well That ends well. And

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