Fortnite X Attack on Titan Collaboration Coming Soon - Get Ready for the Crossover of the Year!

Fans excited by the rumored Fortnite X Attack on Titan collaboration will not have to wait for much more. Attack on Titan could join Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia as the next anime series that will be presented in Battle Royale. Although Epic Games has not yet confirmed the collaboration, hyper and shiinabridos, reliable filtering of Fortnite, they have revealed key information about the next crossover. The protagonist of the program, Even Yeager, will be the main aspect that will arrive in Fortnite.


If Fortnite X Attack On Titan is similar to previous anime collaborations, fans can also expect more characters in the popular series to join Battle Royale. The leaks also indicate that a mythical «Waist Grapple», similar to the Spider-Man web-shots, will reach the game. So when does Fortnite X Attack On Titan collaboration come out? Fortnite x Titan Attack Together with @hypex, I can confirm that Even Yeager is the secret aspect of chapter 4-Battle pass of season 2! -China (@shiinaben) March 1, 2023, The crossover will be released with the battle pass of season 2 of Chapter 4, which will be launched on March 10, according to Hyper and Shiinabab leaks. Supposedly, Even Yeager is the secret aspect available with the battle pass. As the third part of the final season of Attack On Titan is broadcast on March 4, the crossover with Fortnite promises great advertising and traction for the program. If the initial crossing is successful, we could see a second wave, similar to the extended collaboration of Dragon Ball de Fortnite.

While fans wait for the new season, they have a week to complete the battle pass of season 1 of Chapter 4 to collect as many V-Bucks and rewards in the game as possible.


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