TSV Havelse's Three New Additions: Key Players To Avoid Relegation?

This is probably called a transfer offensive. On the so-called Due date Day, the last day on which transfers were possible for the existing season, TSV has actually signed three new gamers. Mikey Stomacher, Time Friedrich and Norman Quint signed a contract with the Gardeners on January 31. Goalkeeper Quint is no complete stranger to Averse. He was securing the TSV goal last season and wished for an expert offer after the strong 3rd division season. That didn't come therefore the 26-year-old now desires to help his ex-club remain in the regional league. Friedrich also has a Havel's past. The defensive gamer kicked for TSV in youth and lastly landed in Austria through Roadway Erfurt.

Now the 25-year-old returns. He is supposed to change the long-lasting injured Gabriel Michael. With chair maker, Florian Raided, the sporting director, has also signed a midfielder. The 21-year-old comes from the U 23 of FC St. Pauli to Averse. Our team is not that big. The injured person was needed to get some new gamers. Our goal is to remain in the class and the three new ones will help us, said coach Samir Fer chichi. Under the new coach, which just took control of the scepter in September, the third division relegation has now been combined.


The crash to the leading department ought to not be a problem. This has underpinned this with the late transfer offensive. Quint stood between the posts at the weekend and held his box 4-0 versus Bremen SV Saber. Friedrich and chair maker were substituted.

Our squad is not that big. The hurt individual was necessary to get some brand-new players. Our goal is to stay in the class and the three brand-new ones will assist us, said coach Samir Fer chichi.