Troubleshooting Connection Errors in the Wizarding World: Common Corrections and Causes

A long wait finally came to an end, since Harry Potter fans, who gained early access to Hogwarts's heritage, finally take their first steps in his sacred halls. But for some, these first steps are not as smooth as we would like. The problems included problems with the Warding World connection when trying to connect to their WB Games account, which gives the players several exclusive intrastate items. Plus, problems with the inability to go through the quiz.


Below we will consider the common causes and possible ways to eliminate Warding World connection errors.

I can't go to the quiz Magic World

If you have a problem with the fact that you cannot go through the magic world, so you do not see the results of your faculty, the problem is most likely related to a simple case of numbers. So many players are trying to complete the same task, and the system becomes overloaded. If you get the site does not work, or a terrible rotating wheel of fate, just wait a few minutes and repeat the attempt later. Popular new online games often face this problem in the first few days, especially if it is such a popular franchise as Harry Potter. You can also try the following: Check the official @WbgamessUpport account on Twitter to find out whether the site does not work for maintenance or repair. Check your connection. Try other online games or services. If you generally have problems with the Internet, turn off the device, and then a router for at least one minute.

Connect the router again, then reboot the computer.

cannot be connected to WB Games online services.

If you get it, you can’t connect to WB Games online services. The message when trying to connect the magical world with the Hogwarts heritage, you are in a good company. Again, this will probably be associated with overload, since thousands of new players are trying to enter the system and connect to their Warding World account. The first thing you should try, and it works for many players is to restart the game. In fact, this determines your position in the queue, so you may be lucky, and you will fall into the game. As an alternative, as indicated above, this is a common symptom of excessive online traffic. You can skip this step at the moment and get the objects of Pozzhekak at least then you can play the game. In the same way, you can try first to enter the system, and then go to the settings and press the options for the user interface WB Games account. In fact, this is an attempt to do the same, but from the inside of the game as soon as you start playing. You can continue attempts every time you want to take a break, and, in the end, you will bind them and get free rewards. To receive additional guidelines and information about Hogwarts Legacy, stay with us on Pro Game Guides! Check out the Hogwarts Heritage Cabbit-how to get, and can you drop talent glasses in Hogwarts's Heritage? Right here.