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Far: Lone Sails is an adventure that is currently noticeable at first look through his dark and bleak however yet lovely art style. On an improvised car, which is partially moving through an engine and partly with the help of sails, we cross a withered, post-apocalyptic world. We always have to keep an eye on our fuel products if we do not desire to remain on the track. In addition, we constantly fulfill challenges on the way that we get rid of by solving little puzzles. Far: Lone Sails focuses less about the gameplay, but the gripping atmosphere of the mysterious video game world. Far: Lone Sails rather of EUR 14.99 for EUR 4.49 (EUR 3.74 with PS Plus) in the PlayStation Store

Alba: A Wildlife Experience

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a relaxed relaxing video game in which we take on the role of the young Alba. This spends summer with her grandparents on an idyllic island and wants to view the animal world with her friend. While you not just check out nature, but likewise the small town with its shops and cafés as well as the surrounding farms and an old fort, you have to find that the idyll remains in risk. Garbage lies around, courses are barely available and in addition, a hotel complex threatens to damage the habitat of lots of animals. So the 2 found an organization to turn the island back into the paradise that it must be. Alba: A Wildlife Experience instead of EUR 19.99 for EUR 8.99 (EUR 7.99 with PS Plus) in the PlayStation Store

Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale is an action adventure in which we slip into the function of Cardenas Till in a medieval game world, which was tossed into a dark dungeon in Die ruin Castle. In order not to end and also save his fantastic love here, Till has to leave as quickly as possible.

He likewise uses his sneak and camouflage skills.


Combating is likewise made, but since his opponents are primarily much bigger and more powerful than Till, it is typically a good idea to put them out of action with cunning and ability than raw violence. En route, Till likewise needs to resolve many puzzles, and he satisfies lots of strange characters, which he can a minimum of partially pull on his side. Ghost of a Tale rather of EUR 24.99 for EUR 9.99 in the PlayStation Store

Untitled Goose Video Game

You can now get the indie surprise hit Untitled Goose Game at half cost. It is a sort of sandbox experience with sneak mechanics. We play a nasty goose whose just objective is to intimidate the homeowners of a tranquil, picturesque village. In order to make life as tough as possible, we are not content with taking care of them and assaulting them. Instead, the village will explore, observe the daily life of the residents and use this knowledge to play tricks, to prevent them as successfully as possible from their work and to damage what is most important to them. The possibilities of abusing individuals vary. Untitled Goose Game instead of EUR 19.99 for EUR 9.99 in the PlayStation Store


2 Guacamole! 2 is a brilliantly colored Metroidvania beating game in which you have to conserve the holy guacamole taken by a villain. You can play alone as Ecuador Juan Advocate or compete in the co-op with up to 4 gamers. A little assistance can not injure, because in spite of its colorful discussion and his insane humor, Guacamole is! 2 playfully. Anybody who wants to survive the journey that causes eviction of hell to the gate of hell and successfully should remember the various station wagons and special attacks and utilize them with the ideal timing, otherwise you have barely anyone, especially in the battle versus the imaginative boss challengers Possibility. Guacamole! 2 rather of EUR 19.99 for EUR 4.99 in the PlayStation Store This short article is a sponsored story that was produced on behalf of a marketing partner from Media. It was created by a free author who is not a member of the Gamer editorial team. The offers listed are supplied with so-called affiliate links.

The PlayStation Store released a new sale in which you get a lot of indie hits and insider tips for PS4 and PS5 less expensive. There are a total of around 1400 special deals, including some still rather present titles from 2022. In this short article we quickly introduce you to ten highlights from the long list of deals. If you choose to search through the deals, you can do this here: PS Store Indie Sale: 1400 offers for PS4 & PS5

Mount & Blade 2: Banner lord

Fans needed to go to Mount & Blade for numerous years: War band Waiting, in October 2022 Mount & Blade 2: Banner lord finally commemorated its complete release. Little has actually changed in the standard video game concept: it is still a kind of sandbox action RPG, in which you pull your character on a summary card and you entourage the map of a medieval continent. This continent is simulated dynamically, even without your intervention, wars are performed here and cities are taken. If you fulfill an enemy army, the most exciting part begins, particularly the action-packed fights, in which you get involved with your character and offer your best to help your soldiers. Mount & Blade 2: Banner lord rather of EUR 49.99 for EUR 34.99 in the PlayStation Store


The Sight, likewise published in 2022, is an action video game in which we play a kung fu fighter who desires to avenge himself for the murder of his household. To do this, we battered opponents, although we not only attack with bare hands, but likewise utilize practically all items within reach as a weapon. The most spectacular to Sight is the aging mechanics: each time we die, we return a little older. This makes some abilities weaker, but others are stronger, so that we need to adapt our playing design once again and again. Our protagonist ought to reach the final boss better prior to he is too old to be able to tape it with him. Sight rather of EUR 39.99 for EUR 25.99 in the PlayStation Shop

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

If you feel like a classic, impressive role-playing video game once again, in which you examine a whole party instead of a single character, then Pathfinder is a good option: Rage of the. Here you get a variety of alternatives in the character production and an impressive fantasy story about the world injury, a deep canyon from which wicked puts over the world. Your choices identify the course of the story. In the fights you have the option between passable genuine time and conventional round tactics. The numerous abilities and character develops leave a great deal of area for try-outs different play methods. Pathfinder: Rage of the Righteous rather of EUR 49.99 for EUR 24.99 (EUR 19.99 with PS Plus) in PS Shop

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is a very first person Adventure in which you, as the title heroine, go back to the lonely home of your household to look for a treatment for their curse. The special thing about the now abandoned home: the room of every homeowner was protected in the state in which it was at the minute of his death. The exploration of each space becomes a journey into the past in which we immerse themselves deeply into the life of the respective relative. The gameplay is easy, however uses a lot of innovative concepts and adapts cleverly of the story, which supports the currently thick environment. What Remains of Edith Finch instead of EUR 19.99 for EUR 4.99 in the PlayStation Store

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a spiritual successor to the Castlemaine series. As in many parts of the good example, we only penetrate into a castle controlled by satanic forces with the goal of extinguishing the entire brood. Nevertheless, our lead character Miriam likewise has demonic powers that she can fall back on along with the many weapons in battle. This guarantees that we get enough lively variety in the around 20 hours of play. Despite contemporary graphics, which skillfully mixes Anime and gothic style together, the levels are typically two-dimensional and have the nested structure for a metro id Vania. Bloodstained: Routine of the Night rather of EUR 39.99 for EUR 19.99 in the PlayStation Store

Far: Lone Sails