Square Enix Members to be Removed from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy in February

Considering That Lidos Montreal is no longer part of Square Enix, the Square Enix Members service is gotten rid of from the video game of Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy. As the studio, which has actually been officially reported to the Embrace Group because September, on its website, gamers will no longer have access to the service from February 21, 2023. This also goes together with some modifications in the video game. The Warlord attire will no longer be readily available as an early activation via the primary menu on the defined date. It can still be found in Chapter 13 of the action game.


The Digital Deluxe Edition is likewise removed from the platforms stores. You can download and play it beyond the date as typical if you already have it. If you have just gotten the edition, you should connect your Square Enix Members account with the game before February 21st to get bonuses by e-mail.

The Cosmic Deluxe Edition from the trade will no longer grant 25 Square Enix Members Reward Points after February 21. More details on the elimination of the Service from Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy can be found on eidosmontreal.com.