Oliver Kahn Responds To Manuel Neuer's Criticism: A Comparative Analysis Of Two Bavarian Legends

What Manuel stated in parts of these 2 interviews in connection with the exemption of Toni Analogic does not do justice to him as a captain or the worth of FC Bayern, Khan slammed on Friday evening at the request of the German Press Company. In addition, his declarations come to the incorrect time since we are faced with really important games. In the late afternoon, Never had actually plainly slammed the leadership group of the German record champion in the late afternoon with the Deutsche Dating and The Athletic. The scenarios of the separation are the most outright that I experienced in my career, said the 36-year-old, to name a few things. Never beats vehemently back-Bayern should not be shocked: a comment on the vertebrae about Manuel Neuer He is personally affected, you need to understand that a bit, stated Khan EU Never's motives that the interview that was not coordinated with the association. We were likewise conscious of that when we discussed to him that the choice that was not made gently on the concern of goalkeeper coach was the very best for our group at that moment. Khan made a contrast to his own scenario as a goalkeeper in the German national group. In 2004 I faced a comparable circumstance as a national gamer, recalls Khan. Our goalkeeper coach Sept Maier felt severely treated by the DFB, and it came to separation. I had actually dealt with Sept for many years, and we had a friendly and relying on relationship. At that time, the DFB set up Andreas Hope as the follower to Maier and Khan was finally deteriorated to number two behind Jens Lehmann. I was also disappointed at the time, and I was mad with the DFB, continued Khan. But the typical objectives were in the foreground for me. They were more important to me than my individual feelings. And for this factor, I decided not to reveal myself openly. Manuel has actually now done the reverse.


Khan still followed this clear criticism of the statement to have discussions with new ones about his declarations: We will speak very plainly with him.

They were more crucial to me than my individual feelings. And for this factor, I chose not to express myself publicly. Manuel has actually now done the opposite.