James Gunn Reveals Five Exciting New DC Series Coming Soon To Streaming and TV Platforms

Today it has been a strong for DC fans, since the plans that have the company's new CEOs in the films, Peter Saran and James Gun were announced. This implied the new title of the next Batman movie, as well as the plans that have guidance for the universe of tapes that will have Superman to open the way. However, there was also talk of some series in between announced by Gun himself.


These are the following: -Creature Commandos -Waller -Lanterns -Paradise Lost -Booster Gold It is worth mentioning that some will have two-dimensional classical animation, something that may not contribute much to the films' universe, but that if it has the approval of the directors.

There will also be Live Action, where actress Viola Davis will return, who at the time played Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad as well as in Peacemaker. Via: Red Editor's note: This change in the DC universe could be for good, since an interconnected world is being sought, but it seems that at least with the series there will be things outside the timeline. Something that will also happen with Joker 2 and The Batman: Part II.