Forspoken Update Confirmed: Important Changes to Address User Complaints

Last month one of the video games was released that was going to be something important for Square Enix, For spoken, which has not finished convincing either the users of PS5 or the PCs. And while the controversy has been left in the background, it seems that its developers want to offer an optimal experience for those who bought the title.

This is the message left by Takes hi Aramaic, head of Luminous Productions and game director:

Thanks to all the players who have enjoyed For spoken and explored Asia since the launch.

We have heard all the comments, and we are working on a future patch that includes performance improvements, graphics, gameplay, and more patches general updates for PS5 content and several PC settings.


We are committed to For spoken the most enjoyable experience possible, and we will give news about the next patch as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support and patience. For now, the date for this patch has not been confirmed. The game is available on PS5 and PC. Via: Twitter Editor's note: I wish with this people are satisfied with the game, after all the fights look fun. Of course, the disaster he gave for the first impression will be complicated to change.