Emre Can's 50-Meter Goal and the Delay After the Break: Erdin Terzic Explains the Most Important Thing for Him

There was something offered in the round of 16 of the two district clubs VFL Bochum and Borussia Dortmund. The entertaining game offered some timeless cup action. At the beginning of something that had been impacted by the beginning of Castroper Straße, the passionate play of both teams did not cause improving the external conditions.

At the start of the game, BVB barely discovered a peaceful 2nd in its own structure, due to the fact that a Bochum was always geared towards the conquest. For Dortmund's coach Edwin Eric, however, there was a strength of his team on this cup night: The most important thing was that we accepted this fight, said the coach after the video game at Sky. Just when it became really wild after a great start and the missed out on early trip of Jamie Bynoe-Gitten. In this stage adapted to the game and the square- however likewise the battling strength of the Bochum.

CAN 50-meter objective

The opening goal immediately prior to the break did not involve the place or fight, but it was rather technical, as Eric described it. Eyre Can have obstructed Manuel Riemann's information at the middle line and brought the ball into the empty objective after a short contact from around 50 meters. I didn't actually hit him so well, smiled the scorer. The fact that he had actually even dared to attempt was likewise on a good first contact, otherwise I would not score on the objective. When the defender zipped, I knew, all right the ball looks excellent. Eyre CAN's art shot for 1-0. Imago/Trees

Why did BVB come out of the break too late?

Expect struggle, score the lead, so everything went according to prepare for BVB. In the second round, nevertheless, the Dortmund came late in replicate. VFL was already on the field, only the guests were still missing out on. A damaged bell is stated to have been the reason for the delay. We didn't even come with us. Somebody came and indicated that the Consumers are currently outside, you have to get out gradually. We provided it a bit, CAN insight into the curious circumstance. CAN and Co. were not completely on the lawn with a reboot, since at the start of the 2nd half, attack on the objective by Gregor Nobel, who saved twice versus Christopher Antwi-Adjei.

Eric is frustrated by scene before compensation

And after that the next enjoyment followed. Bynea-Gitten obstructed with an arm developed and turned away from the ball a shot from the Bochum captain Anthony Flotilla, referee Tobias Staider decided on penalty-an incorrect decision. Eric was most disturbed by that there was a clear foul on Bye Kittens instantly previously. The youngster had got a push from Said Bank in the back, stems left it all of a sudden. We would have liked it to be penalized as a nasty. It didn't. However, the 40-year-old likewise stated, on the other hand you could not have actually complained if there had been a charge and alluded to a scene in between Julian Person and Bank. The ball leapt by the Bochum, referee Staider's whistle remained rather quiet here.


Nonetheless, his team accepted all the resistances and safeguards and now stands since the substitute captain Marco Reus finished a clean relocation ice-cold to the 2-1 last score in the cup quarter-finals, which will be made use of February 19.