Destiny 2: Lightfall - The Root of Nightmares Raid - March 10th at 9AM PT/12PM ET

The designer teased that the new raid offers with an ancient adversary, the title hints that the story may take a deeper appearance at the para causal phenomenon of Nightmares in Destiny. Gamers first saw Nightmares on the Moon in Fate 2: Shadow keep when the Pyramid ship existing under the surface area had actually woken. A number of periods later, Season of the Haunted revived the Nightmares via Emperor Calls's Leviathan ship, where the Guardian and Eris Morn helped Naval, Crow, and Capital manage their pain as well as stop Calls from joining The Witness. Just recently, Period of Plunder presented antiques of a powerful being called Newark and also hinted at this Devotee's relation to the Lunar Pyramid.

Amid raid leakages and looters, Bungee took to Twitter to announce the upcoming raid for Destiny 2: Nightfall will certainly be called The Root of Nightmares-- which begins on March 10 at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET. Players will certainly have 48 hrs after its launch to finish the brand-new raid under Contest setting.

If you need a recap of the previous growths and periods from Beyond Light to the here and now tale, check that out. Bungee additionally shared spot notes regarding major modifications occurring in Fate 2 with Nightfall's launch. Destiny 2: Nightfall introduces on February 28, in addition to Period of the Defiance.


Bungee's official summary reads, Ferried from an unknown time and also place, a haunting visibility has been spotted. It's unusual to see something natural and so brilliant inside the Pyramid ship, however the development of flora was hinted at when the Traveler fires the Pyramid ship in the Nightfall launch trailer.

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