Xbox Launches New Survey For Halo Infinite Fans That Could Affect The Game's Development

These days for Xbox have not been the best, since they have presented mass dismissals in Microsoft, and within them there are people from Bethesda and 343 industries that were affected. Speaking of this study, they continue to try to add publications to Halo Infinite, a game that has not ended up working and following this they have surveyed fans. Through the questionnaire there are some questions that attract attention, because users are asked if they continue playing, if they do it sporadically or if they already abandoned the game.


For its part, we talk about what can be improved, as well as what are the most used game modes and those that may not be frequent so much. With this it is clear that 343 Industries is looking for feedback, this to give a game the maintenance you need, since certain details that can be better have been reported. To this is added that users have confirmed that more content is needed, since many of the ways have taken a long time to launch. Remember that Halo Infinite is available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Via: Xbox Editor's note: It is obvious that the community wants a better video game, so doing this type of surveys does not hurt. However, killing the game is not a very intelligent idea, it is very unlikely to happen.