The Ultimate Elemental Assassin Blunderbuss and Rapier Build Guide For New World Players

This weapon pairing, or Construct is developing off our other Weapon Guides, so if you're not completely sure why we are or aren't recommending a certain passive, be sure to provide those a look as they give a great deal of context to the choices produced these builds. For those that require additional context beyond those guides, it will be provided in this guide as needed.

Table of contents

  • How the Elemental Assassin Construct Functions
  • Blunderbuss
  • Rapier
  • Gearing and Statistics
  • Benefit Options
  • Skill Combinations and Rotations

How the Elemental Assassin Build Functions

The Rapier will be your consistent source of close-range damage and dueling power while the Blunderbuss is recuperating its cooldowns. This construct utilizes two various Ability Trees for the Rapier, one for Eve and another for PVP similar to those outlined in our Rapier Weapon Guide.

The second tree that can be utilized bring a good mix of offending power and protective energy. This makes it a much more powerful alternative for PVP. It's much harder to find value in the normal Bleed construct, so we trade that core for Evade and Riposte rather.


This very first tree dedicates to the Blood Tree of the Rapier, for usage with Eve primarily. While other abilities like Evade and even Riposte can have their niche in Eve, they're better fit to PVP. That being said, the Eve side focuses on the combo of Condo plus Flourish and Complete in addition to Flurry.

This set of points provides us actually high consistent damage, in between Condos Bleed and Flurry. Well likewise have decent burst damage when we stack up Condos period through Flurries To the Bone upgrade, then detonate this Bleed through Flourish and Complete.

This setup permits us to really quickly gap close with Claw Shot, while also having both an effective slow and escape choice in Net Shot. Compared to Rapiers Flèche, Net Shot offers more utility and less damage making it a better disengage tool and can permit the Rapier to focus a bit more on damage output.

Most notably with this setup, the Ramp passive is much more optional, unless we desire the Blunderbuss to be the main damage source of to develop. This is because well desire to enter, do our burst rotation and either go out or switch the Rapier for more consistent DPS output. For PVP circumstances, to get more usage of advantages like Rejuvenating Evasion, you can decide for Future Endeavors rather, additional boosting your Stamina healing.

This is primarily due to the truth that the PvP-oriented skills of the Rapier tend to lack the Eve damage capacity of the more Eve ones. They do share one ability however, being Flurry for the consistent damage it can offer.

The primary thing this ability tree wants to achieve is to take full advantage of the burst potential of the weapon. Well be utilizing a variation of the Burst Combo build from the Blunderbuss Weapon Guide. Specifically, well be using the Containment-only setup of Both Shrapnel Blast, Net Shot and Claw Shot.

These fast combos typically have a quite lengthy cooldown compared to those of the Rapier, which has a greater cooldown reduction potential in group play. On the opposite side, the Rapier lacks constant cooldown decrease while soloing. This is due to an absence of access to reliable cries from backstab reducing that capacity.


Similar to the other tree, there are a couple of points that can be flexed and put in other places depending upon play style and choices. These are the points put into Desperation and Perfectionist (the passives in the very first 2 rows of the Grace Tree) Both of these can be a terrific alternative when used well, however Perfectionist specifically can be difficult to preserve for an extended period.

Optionally, if Eve is your focus, feel totally free to switch Net Shot out for Dividing Grenade or Mortar Charge. Both are terrific AOE damage choices, with Spitting Grenade being a solid option for managers and Mortar Charge being excellent for weaker opponents. If wanted, take the point that would be spent on Ramp and take either as an upgraded ability for more damage output than Net Shot without a complete respect.

Unlike a Mage build which will frequently suffer at closer ranges, this build prospers on being at those closer ranges for maximum damage capacity. The Rapier is likewise rather versatile in what it can do, allowing it to function as either a damage or energy alternative depending upon if you want to use the build for Eve or PVP.

The only other locations you can feasibly move them to if you're not getting value out of them are Managed Breathing, for the extra stamina recovery, or Enduring Repercussion for a slightly longer stun in 1v1s. You might also decide for Flèche and its Quick Lunge upgrade as well. This lets you have the choice of the 4 skills without a complete swap, however, Flèche will not be rather as strong without extra investment.

There are a couple toss-up choices in this skill tree, the first being Light Edge vs Heavy Leak. Heavy Puncture decreases the dependence on Flurry for quickly building up to the max duration for Condos Bleed, though outcomes in general less DPS.

All of our Elemental damage will originate from Gems, which well cover more greatly in the Gearing and Stats area of this guide. This permits us to change our elemental type to take on various material a lot easier. Doing so will also have actually the included advantage of disregarding an enemies armor value, which is particularly great for some opponents that frequently have high armor values like Elites.

The Blunderbuss ends up being more of a secondary weapon in group play but can quickly be utilized as the main weapon of this pairing, specifically while solo or in PVP. It provides a great deal of potent burst damage combos thanks to its ability to interrupt basic attack animations with abilities that also have quick animations.

Why Evade and Riposte, instead of taking Flèche over either ability? Avert is easily the best offensive choice we can receive from the Grace side of the tree, while Riposte is the best defensive choice. With the Blunderbuss in our back pocket, we can quickly utilize a combination of Claw Shot and Net Shot to provide us the same versatile movement options, but with a different cooldown for entering and going out.

The Elemental Assassin build is everything about getting up close and dealing consistent damage through Dot effects and extremely strong burst damage from skill rotations. Due to how this develops is established, it will deal a great mix of both Elemental and physical Damage, which can allow it to deal with some hazards much simpler.

Splitting Grenade can be a more considerable alternative if you press to 250 Intelligence if you opt into maxing either skill. This is since the burn will be extended by 3 seconds, to 13 seconds, including an additional 30% damage from the burn per stack it uses. On bigger targets like Eve employers, this can possibly result in a substantial 90% boost in the overall Burn Damage.

Gearing and Statistics

Devices are a bit complex sometimes, however frequently there's a small subset of helpful benefits that are perfect.

You can opt for Light Armor in Eve if you're positive in your ability to prevent damage, as you will get more damage that method. You will need to be additional cautious around Elites though, as they can really quickly take you out in Light Armor. Light Armor tends to be incredibly risky to play in PVP. It can still be run, but requires far better play in general, especially given that only one of your weapons has any defensive choices.

Considering that all of our elemental damage originated from Gems in our weapons, well want to swap them based upon the content were doing fairly often. You'll frequently wish to utilize three primary gems, Rubies, Sapphires, and Topaz.

When it comes to your characteristics, well be mainly choosing Intelligence as the main damage booster, with a bit of Dexterity and Constitution. Well desire to perform at least 150 INT, 150 DEX, and 100 CON. This leaves approximately 100 characteristic points that you can invest based on your preferred play style for the construct, whether you wish to concentrate on the Blunderbuss, Rapier, Eve or PVP.

This build is one you'll wish to run Medium Armor with, despite content. Since it's an extremely close-range construct, Medium armor really assists with your survival if you get clipped by an AOE attack or battle another gamer.

Advantage Options

Armor Options

For Amulets, Revitalizing (or Rejuvenating Evasion) and Health are always a strong core pair of advantages. Luck and Fortified Healing are excellent general fillers for the 3rd slot, specifically in Eve. For PVP you can also consider Slash Security to much better safeguard yourself versus the broader cast of melee weapons.

Given that Earrings and amulets tend to be pretty static, there's not much in the way of interesting drops. For Rings, nevertheless, there is the Heart of Arawak, which drops from an elite mob called Arawak the Proud in the Heliopolis location of Brimstone Sands.

For the Blunderbuss, there are fewer overall alternatives as it's not a melee weapon. This leaves it taking Keen, A Faction Bane Advantage, and an Elemental Attunement Perk.

As far as our armor gems go, you'll mainly be utilizing gems to lower inbound damage. This largely means using a mix of Diamond, Malachite, Onyx, and Opals to stabilize our defenses as we desire. Generally in PVP Onyx/Diamonds tends to be the much better choice as there are fewer elemental choices without gems playing a role. The couple of elemental choices that are strong normally make us less total damage, so natural mitigation and a number of Opals or a full set of Diamonds can usually fend off adequate damage.

For the Eve side of things here, the Rapier has a couple beneficial advantages for skills with the most impactful one being Leeching Flurry, which uses easy and reliable sustain for both develop courses. If you're leaning more on the Grace side of the tree, you can likewise use Omnidirectional Avert, but it's much better off being put on your armor.

For armor perks, it's generally a lot more simple. For Eve material, you'll practically constantly desire Refreshing, Luck, and the relevant Bane perk for the material you're running. In cases where you wish to suit Omnidirectional Avert or another skill perk, you can drop Luck or Revitalizing with little impact.

For the Blunderbuss, it can absolutely deserve to get Plagued Cries. Because each shot with the Blunderbuss fires 6-8 pellets, that can each CRT individually even if you're not intending for headshots, so it can set off quite frequently making it a really available alternative for Illness.

Hopelessness is a Named Rapier that's ideal for handling Corrupted as it includes Corrupted Bane, Rogue, and Chain Arcane while likewise coming with a Pristine Sapphire for Arcane damage conversion as well. Given That Arcane Attunement does not exist as a perk its rather excellent as what it does. This one is an International Named drop, so it can be harder to come across.

Benefits are a huge part of the weapons in New World, they take a few of the more unimpressive abilities and make them into much bigger threats. Which advantages you take and where you position them can modify how a skill gets utilized.

This area will go into information on how to establish this develops. Well be discussing armor, gems, and attributes here.

Attribute Points

More stacks of Revitalizing can also be included here as well, if desired, but the build works well with little to no CDR too. Outside those, It's typically simply selecting up which weapon advantages you require or want for your build that aren't great on weapons.

Significant Accessories

You could easily run a Ruby in one weapon and a Topaz in the other, but this also can cause some issues in the very late game, when you're trying to optimize around Rune glass Gems. If both run the exact same aspect, it's much simpler to increase their damage similarly through rewards to that aspect. That also indicates regular swaps are needed, which can make the preliminary gearing procedure a bit expensive.


Beyond that the standard perk combination of Faction Bane Benefit, Elemental Attunement Benefit, and Rogue or Vicious will normally be ideal for the Rapier. Depending on just how much you desire to utilize your Heart rune, Chain Element perks can likewise replace Elemental Attunement for somewhat faster charging off packs, and for aspects without an Attunement perk.

Forgotten Remnant is very comparable, coming with Rogue, Ancient Bane, Leeching Flurry, and a Beautiful Topaz currently pocketed. Regretfully this one is also a Global Named Drop, so it can be difficult to get.

Noteworthy Defense


Rings are a little more intriguing for this develop, as you'll most likely require a couple of to make complete usage of the elemental switching. While it's a small push of damage, every bit assists, and you ought to definitely attempt to have a ring for each damage type of Arcane, Fire, and Ice. Eager Awareness alongside Keen on the Blunderbuss brings it up to a relatively high CRT possibility of around 25% while also assisting the Rapier in situations you cat rather get constant backstab.

Rune glass Gems are where we can really tweak our Physical and Elemental Damage to be the ratio we want. Well practically constantly desire our weapon to run a Dot result, as the damage it contributes, both long-term and brief is quite substantial. For our armor, we can match the elemental perk to bring up that elemental damage, letting us take complete advantage of the conversion and Dot by means of weaknesses. The alternative is using a mix of Sighted and Punishing Rune glass to increase each weapon's damage up a reasonable bit, making us more physical damage.

This Named Ring includes Thrust Damage, Eager Awareness and Blood Letting. While Thrust Damage isn't going to regularly be your highest damage when representing weak points, it will however be constantly present for both weapons. It comes pre-socketed with a Moonstone, the good news is that CNA be swapped to fit your requirements.

The Blunderbuss really just uses one perk that's incredibly useful to the build, Leeching Shrapnel Blast. This Benefit does about the exact same thing as Leeching Flurry, but for Both Shrapnel Blast. Leeching Flurry will be able to be used more often and much more quickly which makes this a fine, but not a terrific choice.

Earrings are comparable, taking a core mix of a Cooldown Reduction (Refreshing) perk while also normally taking Regrowing for the bit of health recovery it provides. If wanted you CNA also go for Noble with this construct, if you plan to make more use of revitalizing evasion for PVP.


There are also some rarer named gear that can be found in New World that can have perk combinations that makes them more powerful than any equipment you could craft, or at the really the least offer you an alternative way to get a terrific gear. These significant products will be noted in their respective areas after the basic perk layout is covered.

For extra draftable alternatives, you can possibly consider Fractured Rend on the Rapier as when updated Flurry does a quite decent job and breaking lighter blocks. It's probably not the most ideal usage of a slot where you're normally going to be much better off with Enchanted, Elemental Attunement, and an ability perk anyway.

Each represents the main three factions you'll fight in expeditions; with Rubies granting Fire for Angry Earth, Sapphires granting Arcane for Corrupted, and Topaz giving Lightning for Ancients. Of these, Sapphire isn't as needed unless you actually need to min-max damage for Corrupted, as both weapons will still deal thrust damage regardless. Additional Gems can be useful in Eve Endgame also, to combat Exploration Anomalies.

On the PVP side, a couple more alternatives open for both weapons, being Exhaustive Net Shot for the Blunderbuss and Sundering Riposte for the Rapier. Extensive Net shot makes Net Shot an even better kiting tool, lowering your opponents Endurance regent. Sunder Riposte can make Riposte an extremely dangerous tool, rending your counter target by a big amount for a very affordable and abusable quantity of time.

More points in INT will result in higher damage, and going to 250 INT will likewise extend the period of different Dot results. Including 50 points to CON can be a strong option for PVP; not only for the extra health however the lowered incoming vital damage benefit.

For Noteworthy Defense, there are a couple of Eve Rapiers. They are called Despondence and Forgotten Residue.



Ability Combos and Rotations


This section breaks down the individual weapon combinations and complete rotations from both weapons.

Blunderbuss Basic Attack Cancel

Rapier Short Bleed Combo.

  • Light Attack
  • Both Shrapnel Blast (or any other skill).

This combo can be performed with any of the abilities of the Blunderbuss however is most frequently used with Both Shrapnel Blast. This is done by carrying out a standard attack and right away utilizing a skill to follow it up. This cuts the healing time of the fundamental attack out and changes it with more damage.

  1. Condo.
  2. Flurry.
  3. Condo.
  4. Flourish and End up.
  5. Attack until Condo is up.
  6. Repeat.

Rapier Extended Bleed Combo.

This quick combination permits the Rapier to deal a fast burst of damage with little build-up time. The primary point is getting two stacks of Condo Bleed up with fairly high duration, then detonation it with the End up part of Flourish and Finish.

  1. Condo.
  2. Flourish Just.
  3. Flurry.
  4. Light Attack(s).
  5. Condo.
  6. Flurry.
  7. Light Attack(s).
  8. Condo.
  9. Flourish and Finish.
  10. Repeat.

Rapier Flèche Evade Burst Combo.

Rapier Avert and Riposte Cancels.


Rapier Evade Combo.

  • Heavy Attack.
  • Avert.
  • Light Attack.

The Evade and Riposte abilities are a bit special in that they can disrupt nearly every action of the Rapier, with the only noteworthy exception being that Riposte can not disrupt Flèches movement, but Evade still can.

This opens a lot of fascinating technical play like following a very first hit of the Light Attack chain or a Heavy Attack with a Riposte instantly which masks the otherwise obvious position modification when the skill is used.

  • Flèche.
  • Light Attack.
  • Evade.
  • Light Attack.

This combination has you Flèche through an opponent for damage, quickly spin your video camera to face them and get the damage from the Interruption upgrade, then cancel that attack with Evade for a third quick hit. If this sounds difficult, that's because it is; however its also extremely pleasing to land. It's an exceptionally tight timing that will definitely just deal with lower ping so whatever flows efficiently.

Blunderbuss Opener.

The entire goal of this extended combo is to get the optimum value out of all your skills and end up off with a big burst from Flourish and Complete. Despite its longer cooldown, we can fit in a Flourish early on as its upgrades, combined with the extra attacks will ensure it's all set by the time you get Condo totally accumulated.

This works likewise to the Blunderbuss Basic Attack Cancel, letting you do a quick burst of damage. Since the Heavy Attack typically has a fair bit of recovery time, this is the very best way to get rid of many of it in addition to fit in some additional damage.

This develops does not truly have much for complete rotations, particularly in PVP. Instead, you'll mainly desire to concentrate on which combination fits your present situation and cooldowns.

  1. Claw Shot.
  2. Light Attack.
  3. Both Shrapnel Blast.
  4. Light Attack (optional).
  5. Staying ability (optional).

Eve Full Rotation.

Depending on what your third skill is you can squeeze it in or leave it out. This opening is great in the way that if you land the opening Claw Shot you'll be in variety for all of your damage, even for your Rapier.

  1. Light Attack (optional).
  2. Claw Shot.
  3. Light Attack.
  4. Both Shrapnel Blast.
  5. Light Attack (optional).
  6. Staying ability (optional).
  7. Condo.
  8. Flurry.
  9. Condo.
  10. Flourish and Finish.
  11. Repeat.

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