Yesterday's Final Fantasy game ended up with an embarrassing trick

Square Enix has cultivated arty Images watermark art in his Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII-Reunion game.


Arty Images with a watermark was spotted by a precise-eyed journalists from Katakana. You can find the confusing details on the wall of Shira Mansion, which is visited during the eighth section of the game-not one, not two but at least three times. Kodak has even succeeded in tracing the board: this is John Crowther, a work performing 1881 in London.

Screenshots can be inspected from Kodak News, here. Square Enix has not yet commented a bit embarrassing, but probably accidentally hurting in one direction or another. The modernizing Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which modernizes the 2007 PSP title, is available for PC, Switch and Xbox and PlayStation masks.