'Witcher: Blood Origin' trailer with the origin of Witcher

The official trailer of the Netflix drama 'Witcher: Blood Origin', which contains the origin of the monsters created to hunt the monster, was released.

Witcher: Blood Origin is set in the background before the combination of Chengdu 1200 years ago from the era of the main story of Gerald, Jenifer, and Siri. As you can see before the combination of celestial cages, the world of Witcher: Blood Origin is quite different from the era of the main story.

As a result of the combination of celestial, the world overlaps, and as a result, the monsters and humans of the Witcher's monsters and humans are set before the background of the Witcher's main stage. It does not exist yet.


At first glance, there are no monsters, but the reality of 'Witcher: Blood Origin' is different. It is the golden flag of the elves, but on the other hand, there are empire that oppresses numerous elves and heterogeneous people. The drama begins with the enforcement of seven warriors, such as Vila and Pimple, in response to the empire that oppresses many people as an oppressor.

Meanwhile, in order to prevent them from facing the empire, the empire finally opened the door of the dimension to bring the monsters, and the seven warriors realized that they would also make monsters to hunt the monsters, as well as the combination of the celestial and the origin of Witcher will be dealt with. See.

Witcher: Blood Origin will be officially aired on Netflix on December 25.