They Discover Image With Water Brand In Core Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting. They Find An Image With A Water Brand In Core


Yesterday, one more Square Enix video game has arrived to close the year, CORE Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting, which serves as a remastering of the classic released for PSP some years ago. And now, something curious has been reported within it, because they seem that they took an image that carries the Getty images water brand.

In a certain part of Zack's adventure, there is a mission that leads the character to fulfill his duties in a certain decorated mansion of the saga, there are many paintings on the walls and for what is reported, one of them carries with him the famous brand of water. Given this, the websites such as Kodak tracked why Copyright and turned out to be a work by John Crowther that represents the Lydgate Circus in London. This little mistake seems to have a certain constant, since it continues to appear in more sections of the game, that means that square enix did not change the image on time as a placeholder style. Or on the contrary, they did not pay the rights of use of photography, so in the end he stayed with that brand for posterity, unless they fix it in the future. Remember that CORE crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Via: Kodak Editor's note: These types of details are something that can simply be given unintentionally, although now that many people know the water brand, they will surely want to reach that part of the game to check it for themselves.