These are the new dragon age posters: Abslation

Today, December 4, Dragon Age day is celebrated.

Like other series, EA and Bioware know how important these celebrations are for fans.


In this way, some moments ago interesting information about some projects in development of this series, and one of these is the show that will arrive in Netflix in just a few days. As part of the ads that will be made, today new posters of the key dragon age characters were revealed: Absolute, the animated series that will be available in Netflix on December 9. Here we have a better look at Miriam, IRA, Roland, and much more. Dragon Age: Abrasion is a series made up of six parts. The story was created in close collaboration between Bioware and Netflix. Without a doubt, a project that all fans can appreciate. Remember, this production will be available from November 9. In related issues, here you can see the new advance of Dragon Age: DREADFUL. Editor's note: Dragon Age: Abrasion looks like an interesting adaptation of bore work. Considering that Netflix has a large catalog of video game adaptations, it is very likely that this new project has the same quality of productions such as Castlemaine and Arcane.