The Forbidden Sanctum League Hub

Yesterday we had The forbidden sanctum league reveal and its looking actually good.


Hey Exiles,

The Path of Exile December growth presents the Sanctum difficulty league with the following:

  • Improvements to Path of Exiles Endgame
  • 2 brand-new Skill Gems
  • 7 brand-new Vials Skills
  • 15 brand-new Unique products
  • Balance changes to jewels, hexes, beast modifiers and unique weapons
  • Callous mode: an optional brand-new method to play Path of Exile with extreme product scarcity.

As constantly we have assembled all information for you in our league center, you can find our league center here

Note: We are waiting on the POB modifications and then we will post our recommended league starters

In case you missed the expose we got you covered.