Star Wars: Dark Forces Gets Fan Remake

All good things must come to an end, but sometimes the end of a beloved franchise can be delayed. Such is the case with Star Wars: Dark Forces, which has been given a new lease on life thanks to passionate fans who have worked together to create a fan-made remake. Read on to find out more about this exciting project and what it means for Dark Forces fans!

Sometimes enthusiastic fans require it to make old new ones. In the case of Star Wars: Dark Forces is now an out-of-date engine that clearly improves the enjoyable for today.

This should no longer stand in the method of the Classic Shooter experience. The force engine is pointed out, as IGN reports. This is a brand-new building of the old Jedi Engine, which Lucasarts developed for Star Wars: Dark Forces in the mid-1990s and which was also utilized in Hooligan's. Now fans have overtaken them and therefore make it possible for the titles to play much easier on modern systems.

Star Wars: Dark Force with new functions thanks to Force Engine

You should not expect ray tracing or similar technical presentations now-the game remains at its core and for that reason also visually the exact same.

The pixel appeal of yore is maintained. That Dark Forces is playable in spite of his proud age, was one of the objectives of the Force Engine.

It can now even be enjoyed in a 4K resolution and on wide screens. In addition, they wished to replace the emulator dos box for gaming-this is, for example, a common technique on Steam. In addition, there are other brand-new functions such as a new storage system, much better image rates, the possibility of moving the video camera freely and a crosshair have also been added.

who wishes to make you old again

However, if you wish to have the authentic sensation of back then, you can quickly switch off the innovations and decrease the resolution to the good old 320x200-but you will most likely like to make a consultation with the optician straight.

A copy of Star Wars: Dark Forces is a prerequisite in order to then be able to play with the Force Engine.


This in turn is a download on the project page. By the way, the video game was prohibited in Germany for a long time, and it was not till 2020 that the uncensored variation of Dark Forces originated from the index. It was never a basic doom clone, as our special programs.