Spongebob: Cosmic Sheikh

H₂ Interactive (CEO Her Jewish) is an action game square SpongeBob developed by Purple Lamp Studio and published by THQ Nordic: Cosmic Square pants: The Cosmic Shake.


The Nintendo Switch Korean version of the Korean version will be officially released on January 31st and announced that it will be pre-sale later.

Square Pants SpongeBob: Cosmic Sheikh deals with the tears of the mermaid that listens to all wishes in the hands of SpongeBob and fat. The structure of the universe is very distorted, and the user must solve this situation in a situation where the door to the world full of knights, cowboys, pirates, and prehistoric snails is open.

■ Game features

-There is a variety of skills, including hook punches and taekwondo kicks -There are more than 30 interesting costumes, including snail rice or primitive SpongeBob -Western era, jellyfish garden, Halloween Merton City, including 7 places including the world full of personality -Chang with Sponge Bob's eternal friends talk about the movie -The friends of Bikini City, which everyone likes, also appears -Including 101 sponge rice music, including sweet victory

Square Pants SpongeBob: Cosmic Sheikh Nintendo Switch's information on the launch of the Korean version of the Korean version can be found on the official website, Facebook and YouTube.