Okto Pass Traveler 2: Switch Download Version Pre-Sale Starts

Square UNIX CO., LTD. (Square UNIX, Headquarters: Shikoku UGU, Tokyo, CEO: Matsuda Yoke) started selling the Nintendo Switch download version in relation to the Onto Pass Trailer II, which is being developed in Nintendo Switch, Steam®, PlayStationr4, and PlayStationRR5 versions. . In addition, a new trailer introduced new heroes together.


In the new trailer, among the new eight heroes, with the explanations of the Rogue Throne and the New Teens, with the explanations of the two, the new element of this work, along with the fostering free parties through the previous work that appeared in the previous work, to the new element of this work. The contents were introduced.

Users who booked a switch download version of the Onto Pass Traveler 2 will be presented with a Travel Cheer Pack full of strong consumer items.

The Onto Pass Traveler 2, which announced the launch of the Nintendo Switch, will be officially released on February 24, 2023, and Organization will also be officially supported.