Hideki Kamiya Wants To Make Several Bayonetta Games


A few months ago at last, the third part of Bayonet ta has left, a game that has been acclaimed in terms of criticism but has also been a kind of failure talking about total sales. And despite all this, a more game was announced that is not focused on the main series, indicating the interest of continuing to make these video games. In an interview with IGN Japan, Hide Kamila by Platinum Games explained their belief that creators must have their own convictions and make the games they want to do instead of what most players want. Logic they took as an example one of the iconic franchises of the company that was renewed this year. Here is your explanation:

Taking the intellectual property of Bayonet ta as an example, although I have a structure in mind about where the story will go in the future, players can only judge the story they have at this time.

They will say things like the series is going to end because creators do not love it. I want people to know that it is not so. I love Bayonet ta more than anyone. How could I not love cherry and all the other characters that I have promoted for so long? Given this, he was asked if he would like to continue making games from the series, confirming that he cannot conceive the idea that the franchise has a conclusion. This is what he answered: I want to make a bayonet ta 4 and a bayonet ta 5, and I intend to present them to the company. We often speak internally about how we could do nine of them.

I want the people who love the Bayonet ta series to believe me when I say I'm not going to do anything to betray the player. Remember that Bayonet ta Origins will be launched on March 17, 2023, for Switch. Via: VGC Editor's note: Without a doubt the Platinum Games series still paints to have several games, since the third installment opens the plan to have a new adventure.

In addition, those who want more series games will be satisfied in March.