Forspoken: The Game That Looks Like A Dream

In a recent interview with Square Enix producer Knight Shiva, identified as the creator of Final Fantasy VII and the main designer of final fantasy xv, he mentions that one of the tentative names for this game was A Million Dreams.

For spoken multiplies the appearances about a month from its release. It must be said that Square Enix puts a lot on this game, which benefited from the Luminous Engine to recreate the world of Mathias in which Frey Holland will be propelled.


While the returns are rather blended around the title, regardless of a second preview session, the Japanese publisher highlights the immersive qualities provided by the PS5, and in specific through the Dual sense and its features.

We also start to know them by heart: between haptic returns for more experiences, adaptive trigger for more resistance, 3D audio and the length of the controller which enables to be in contact with the bracelet Mentioning Frey, whatever has been deployed so that we feel alongside our girl lost in this hostile world. The trailer seizes the day to reveal cosmetic rewards dedicated to the PlayStation brand, given that the Frey cape, its pendants and its varnish will be embellished with cross, round, triangle and square symbols.

For spoken's release is anticipated for January 24, 2023, on PC and PS5.