Fiio FW5 True Wireless Earbuds Review: Worth The Investment

Are you tired of dealing with cables and cords for your audio devices? Wireless earbuds have become increasingly popular over the last few years and there are now a plethora of brands offering quality products. In this review, we'll be taking a look at Fido's latest true wireless earbuds: the Fido FW5. We'll be discussing its features, performance, and more to help you decide if it's worth the investment.

The drivers are high quality and tuned to provide a well-balanced sound that accommodates mainstream listeners while still providing a lot of detail for dedicated audiophiles. The dynamic driver utilizes a diamond-like carbon (DLC) diaphragm for included rigidity, increasing its speed and detail throughout the lows and mid. The treble and middle-highs frequencies are covered by the name-branded Knowles well-balanced armatures (enjoyable reality: this is the very same kind of chauffeur generally used in hearing aids for its extraordinary clarity).

At $134.99, the Fido FW5 fall in the mid-range for true cordless earbuds today. They're definitely more accessible than many other flagship true wireless earbuds, but that expense savings does leave some features by the wayside, like active sound cancellation and cordless charging. I like it quite a bit, and if this is the direction Fido is going with its real wireless products, I'm delighted to see what they do next.

The Fido FW5 is Films first pair of really wireless earbuds, and it seems clear that Fido was out to make an impression. The reality is, the marketplace is packed and It's now possible to get a set of cordless earbuds for less than $30. A company like Fido has a credibility to promote; they're a step up from entry level but still make a point to challenge worth per dollar with each succeeding release.


The sound stage is remarkably large for a set of true wireless earbuds-- and especially one where the rear grilles are blocked with water-repellent material beneath the surface. Imaging is also pretty good with strong stereo separation and positionality.

Many real cordless earbuds do not bother to call the DAC they're utilizing, however Fido does and that's important. It's a signal about these earbuds' dedication to high-quality noise, and it likewise allows us to dig in and discover out a bit more about the specs it uses.

The Fido FW5 is Films very first set of truly cordless earbuds, and it appears clear that Fido was out to make an impression. A lot of real cordless earbuds do not bother to call the DAC they're using, but Fido does and that's important. Fido recommends maxing out the volume on your gadget and controlling your volume clearly through the earbuds to guarantee you experience the complete vibrant range they have to offer.

The Fido FW5 are comfortable to use however are on the bigger side. Packing three motorists and a high-quality acoustic chamber into a true wireless earbud, which already has a battery and wireless tech integrated in, is no small accomplishment, so its understandable that they're a bit larger. Still, if you have little ears, it's possible that there might be fitment problems.

To that end, the FW5 are well crafted and feature rich. The style is right away evocative of its FD series, however unlike those earbuds, the FW5 utilizes a hybrid chauffeur range. The D in FD meant vibrant, and used that driver-type specifically, but the FW5 uses a mix of one big 10 mm driver with two balanced armatures.

Video gaming: Although the FW5 have a fairly large sound stage for a set of true wireless earbuds, I wouldn't recommend them for gaming unless you're connecting through the LDHC codec. This is because the buds do not have a native gaming or low latency mode apart from this codec and the delay is visible. This won't make a distinction for major video streaming services as they automatically represent Bluetooth latency, however is noticeable in faster paced games like first-person shooters where you will see your shot fire milliseconds prior to you hear it. For slower paced games like s and turn-based strategy, this won't be as much of a concern. Note that I was not able to check LDHC latency due to a lack of supporting gadgets to test on.

Fido has actually always been good about delivering extra accessories in package and the exact same is real here. In addition to the buds and the charging case, the buds likewise feature 6 sets of silicone ear suggestions. They can be found in conventional well-balanced pointers and Films brand-new, softer HS18 ear suggestions with small, medium, and large sizes of each. There's likewise a short charging cable television and two cleansing tools to keep your earbuds in great working order.

The FW5 also provide app assistance, though, at the time of this evaluation, the app was not able to link to the buds (likely due to their extremely current release), so I was unable to check it myself.

The battery life of these buds is excellent but not remarkable considering they don't have active sound cancellation. They're ranked to last 7 hours in between charges and another 21 hours with the included charging case. There is no wireless charging with this set, so you'll requirement to plug in when the case is depleted, however at the current rate, I think that's an affordable trade-off for affordability.

The buds connect by means of Bluetooth 5.2, which offers a stable connection at a surprisingly long distance. The QCC5141 Bluetooth chip likewise enables you to take advantage of high-res Bluetooth codecs like apex Adaptive and LDHC for wired-like sound quality.

Fido does not state much about amplification, but we do get some details. The AK4332 is and features a built-in amplifier has ample power to drive these earbuds to unbelievably high volumes. It likewise permits independent volume control from your gadget. Using a raised button on each earbud, you can decrease the volume or raise throughout 32 actions in addition to the built-in controls on your smartph1. Fido recommends maxing out the volume on your gadget and managing your volume explicitly through the earbuds to guarantee you experience the complete dynamic range they have to provide.

Fido FW5-Listening and Daily Use Impressions.

With that background out of the way, lets dive into fit, convenience, and most notably, sound quality.

As real wireless earbuds, the Fido FW5 are entirely independent and don't need anything special to drive. Compared to lots of real cordless buds, like those from Sony, Sabra, and Bose, they have a lot more well-balanced noise signature with smaller sized bumps in the bass or mid however overall a warmer signature overall. This provides them a relatively natural sound total that is quite versatile for different genres of music and films.


As true cordless earbuds, the Fido FW5 are entirely independent and do not need anything unique to drive. At $134.99, the Fido FW5 fall in the mid-range for true cordless earbuds today.

Treble: Treble extension is quite excellent, and I was impressed by the amount of air and resolution these earbuds were able to supply! You can clearly pick out how drummers attack the cymbals with their sticks, which is a cool little subtlety that is frequently lost on mainstream earbuds.

Fido has actually been among the premiere brand names in the world of Chili given that it was established in 2007, and undoubtedly, has actually begun earning acknowledgment even in mainstream circles. Its present line-up of items is mostly wired earbuds, earphones, amplifiers, and days, however it has ventured into the wireless world with Bluetooth necklaces and ear hooks, such as the UTWS5, which we rather liked in our evaluation at the beginning of this year.

Fido FW5-First Impressions and Key Features.

Overall Impressions and Last Thoughts.

Technical Performance, Sound stage, and Imaging: The FW5 offer great information retrieval that didn't leave me wanting. I wouldn't state these are class-leading; the warmer tonality does not draw out great information rather as much as something like the Moon drop Alice does or an excellent set of wired earbuds, but the performance remains satisfying and sufficiently high resolution.

My Sony, Sabra, Bose, and Sound core earbuds all have more forward bass than the FW5. With that in mind, these earbuds are not totally neutral and do have a bump in the low end and remarkable reach into the sub-bass.

The business has finally chosen to combine both worlds, and we've spent the last 2 weeks with the fruit of that decision: the Fido FW5. Including a style that follows in the footsteps of the FD5 and FD7, it has an elegant style with a trio of noticeable grilles on the back. Inside, it utilizes a top quality AKM DAC that feeds into 3 motorists to divide the frequencies and provide exceptional sound quality for music and films. At $139.99 as of this writing, they're well-priced and well worth considering if you desire a great-sounding set of real cordless earbuds.

I listen to a vast array of music and enjoy lots of different types of material on my earbuds. D.R.E.A.M. by Jonny Craig counts on a deep, deep sub-bass line that's as much of a rumble as it is an authentic note. The FW5 did a great task of striking this depth and did so with good detail and texture. Bass notes are tidy and do not have soft edges. In general, the bass efficiency on these buds is very great.

Texture and details in this variety are likewise good, but are a bit softer than we hear in the bass regions. The general tonality is extremely excellent for metal and guitar-driven tracks, nevertheless, as they don't have an abrasive edge that leads to fatigue.

The item explained in this article was supplied by the maker for evaluation functions.

  • Existing Cost: $134.99 (AliExpress).
  • Independent AK4332 DAC chipset.
  • Premium QC5141 Bluetooth Chipset.
  • Three-Driver Hybrid Configuration.
  • 1 DD +2 Bachelor's Degree Drivers Per Side.
  • High-Quality DLC Diaphragm With PU Gasket.
  • IPX4 Water Resistance.
  • 4 Physical Buttons.
  • Supports High-Resolution Bluetooth Transmission Protocols Such as LHDC, Apex Adaptive, etc. LED Indication Lights on Charging Case.
  • Cutting-Edge Innovation.
  • Long Battery Life(7 Hours with the Earbuds, Approximately 21 Hours with the Charging Case).
  • Dual Microphone CVC Noise-Cancelling Microphone Innovation.

The buds are controlled with devoted buttons, so there's little danger of accidental presses here. Each bud has a main button and a secondary button with a raised bump to easily tell them apart. Together, these allow you to perform all of your standard controls, including volume, navigating tracks, managing calls, and summoning your virtual assistant. There is more of a learning curve when you have multiple buttons to manage, however I was able to memorize the controls within the first day. Its more complicated than the traditional single, double, and triple-tap.

I have medium-sized ears and discovered that I needed to use the smallest size pointers to fit well (medium come set up by default). With this modification, the buds fit well and were safe in both ears. I did not experience any discomfort using them, even over durations of four hours and more.

Fido FW5-Fit and Convenience.