Brazil's World Cup Fiasco: Neymar Leaves His Future With Selecao Up In The Air

Brazil has been knocked out of the World Cup, and their star player Neymar is leaving his future with Brazil in question. The search for a new trainer has already started.

Neymar is ruined after the World Cup with Brazil and leaves its future open in Select. The search for a new trainer has actually currently started. When Neymar left all other Brazil's team hotel for many hours, the sky over Doha was darkened again. A black cap pulled deep into the face, the stopped working superstar walked towards a handful of fans who provided him encouraging words: Be strong, we stick to you. A short wave, then he disappeared into a white minibus. Destination unknown. The bulk of his hitch-text generation had actually long been in the air with the outbound coach Time in a haul-like airplane, who was in the air towards Rio de Janeiro with a stopover London. The 30-year-old still composed his individual World Cup record. I am psychologically on the ground, it said on Instagram: It was definitely the defeat that injured the most, which was incapacitated for 10 minutes prior to I broke out constantly. On Sunday evening the world looked a bit brighter again. Neymar reported on Instagram of Brazilian soil, however also composed by a lot of motivation: Life requires us to continue, even if it injures and the wound requires time to recover. We need to go on. He left his future open in the long post. He first desired to go home, whine and suffering, and then decide, he had previously emphasized: I don't close the doors, I do not state 100 percent that I return.

motivating words from Pele

Not only his teammates, his idol Pele also asked Neymar to continue in the quarterfinals in the quarterfinals versus Croatia right after the awful 2: 4. Your legacy is far from over. Motivating us on!, The 82-year-old let him spread out and praised him on the historical goal in the extension. With his 77th worldwide goal, Neymar Poles Tor record had actually stopped in Select: My record was set up almost 50 years ago, and no one might get closer to him to this day. You did it, kid.

Which television station relays the FIFA World Cup games 2022 live? Magenta TV reveals all 64 video games live, 16 of them exclusively (consisting of 2 round of 16 and a quarter-finals). The ARD broadcasts 24 games live, including the last German group video game versus Costa Rica as well as finals and the last.


  • In ZDF the video games of the groups F, G and H. The 1-0, which Neymar had cheered in common Pele pose, was not enough for the semi-finals. After the late equalization, the dream of Hex, the 6th World Cup title, burst in a charge shootout. Neymar's hitch-texted generation continues with empty hands. The sixth star seems to be inaccessible, stated the everyday newspaper Fol ha de São Paulo.

Pep Guardiola takes control of the Select?

The look for the successor to Time (61), who ends after 6 years as announced, has currently begun. Association leader Eduardo Rodriguez has declared it a leading concern. Fans and journalists want the Spaniards Pep Guardiola (51) and Luis Enrique (52), world champ Ronaldo, on the other hand, keeps the ingenious Fernando Deniz (42/Luminance Rio de Janeiro) for a good candidate that is a person who is a guy who plays well and provided a program. It is still open whether the brand-new one can rely on Neymar, if the next global matches are pending in March-but it sounded as if he didn't desire to leave the young team yet: It is an extremely closed group, a happy, delighted group. Just: the last day in Qatar was not a day of delight, but of unhappiness.