A special dish Yan Fei and how to cook it in Genshin Impact

Langham is a wasteful legal adviser Life, whose impeccable judgment helped to resolve national conflicts, from minor crimes to help even Tianjin understand the law.

Thus, Langham is a person who appreciates order, a line that seeps into its cooking.


Her special dish is called My Way, this is a type of crab caviar tofu.

How to get a recipe for a special Santa dish in Genshin Impact

You can buy a recipe for crab caviar tofu in the Wan min restaurant in the Harbor Life. Talk to the chef Mao to open the store menu. You can buy a recipe for crab caviar tofu for 2250 Moreira one-time purchase that will allow you to cook as much as you want.

How to cook My Way in Genshin Impact

You can cook my path on any stove using Langham. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cook a special dish if you have not pulled it out. Interact with any bonfire or stove to open the cooking menu and choose a crane caviar can be prepared from the following ingredients: x1 crab caviar X1 Tofu Capital caviar can be processed using crabs, and tofu can be bought in ordinary stores. If Santa prepares a crab caviar tofu, a chance that she instead make a my path instead. The exact speed of cooking special dishes is unknown, but it works both in manual and automatic cooking modes.

The difference between crab caviar tofu and My Way in Genshin Impact

Both of these recipes will revive the chosen character and restore part of his health. CABLE CARE TOF-revives the character and restores 250/400/550 HP. My path-revives the character and restores 15 percent of Max. HP, then restores an additional 550 HP. Check out our Genshin Impact Santa Farming Guide here, in Pro Game Guides, to collect objects for the most reliable legal consultant Life.