A New Rescue Code For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players are being able to rescue a respectable amount of items in recent days through promotional codes, but they have all so far boiled down to ingredients used to make picnic mode sandwiches. Which is definitely useful as snacks are part of an important mechanics of the new franchise games. However, there is a new rescue code whose prize is something different.

A week of free Pokémon Scarlet and Violet rewards

Distributions of mysterious gift codes have always been regular in Pokémon franchise games, but above all implanted for good reasons. In the case of Scarlet/Violet, the context may seem a little confusing: why ingredients everywhere for no reason? This is actually linked to episodes of the Japanese anime and, even if some players feel offended by the rewards at stake, we must admit that it is difficult to spit all these gifts distributed since Monday. Composed mainly by many random ingredients, there are already four Codes of Mystery Gift you can find in the article below. They are only available until December 18, so run!

A new code of Mystery Gift

And if you are tired of receiving ingredients to make sandwiches, be aware that a second mysterious gift code was distributed on December 15, offering 20,000 league points, which can be used as money (Pokédollars) directly in the game stores (clothing, general items, evolution items, etc.) or at the TMS seller.


  • Ready4ra1d This time, the code is functional until January 31, 2022. The Mystery Gift feature is unlocked early in the game and can be accessed at any time through the menu.

See below a simple step by step: Open the main menu with the X button Click on the Poképortal option At the bottom of the menu you will see Mystery Gift Click it to select via code or password Enter the present code You will receive the items directly on your bag