You don't have to do everything in a day. What is Slow Life drawn by Sukueni in the life RPG Harvester

The genre of life simulation, where you can take care of field work and livestock work, sometimes explore cave with monsters, and enjoy such a slow life is one of the familiar ones for us.

In the life simulation RPG Harvested , which has been released by Square Enix, which has produced many masterpieces in various genres, it is a rare genre for the company, but with a unique approach. Life is drawn.

This time, I will introduce a part of the slow life in such Harvested. Please note that this article includes the contents of the story early.

The story of the death season and the city ─ Remarks Harvested

Water on crops, continue to grow and harvest over time. As a life sim, it is incorporated in Harvester as well as the natural cycle. However, this work is a fantasy RPG that confronts the world crisis at the same time.

In the world of Harvester, there is a large crystal Seas Light that controls the four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and people, animals, plants, etc. are living with their benefits. I did it.

However, at one point, the seed lights occur, causing a phenomenon called the death season. Death season is an unusual phenomenon that erodes life and dies crops. At the beginning of the story, a season of death occurs, and as people stay in the house, the protagonist who was outside was affected by the death season.

The protagonist who managed to get his life but lost his memory. At the beginning of the arrow that was protected by the residents in a nearby village and the living there began, the girl Aria came from the future.

Aria will go on an adventure with the protagonist to return to the time he was and to pursue the mystery of the death season and seed light.

There is an autumn seed light near the Late Village, which is the beginning of the adventure, and in addition, Ne mare town is spring, summer in the summer, and Gets Aegean is winter. There are towns that correspond to each season, and you will meet various people while going back and forth in various places, and the story will be unfolded.

VARIOUS Speaking of life sim, it is characterized by a high degree of freedom to play, Whatever the goal is, but in the case of Harvested, the main story of the main story while ensuring a certain degree of freedom. It is set.

For those who are new to such a slow life game, it is also a way to prevent a situation from a high degree of freedom, such as I do not know what to start, I do not know what to do. In fact, the event occurs every day from the start of play to the 7th day, and also serves as a practical tutorial.

Crops can be harvested by cultivating the fields, planting seeds, and growing them for several days while watering. The harvested crops can be shipped to make money, and you can get a high effect by processing them as food ingredients.

The number of days to be harvested varies depending on the crop, and there are those that can be harvested in a short number of days, and some crops that grow only in certain seasons. Some have the characteristics that once planted seeds, they will grow again even if they are harvested.

One of the essential elements is the important element of life sim, interacting with NPCs, while keeping the standard elements, such as collecting materials in the field, collecting materials in the field, and crafts for facilities and dishes.

In this work, by increasing the intimacy with the character story set for each NPC, it is possible to eat together if it is a fellow character that can be organized at a party. Dietary meals with fellow NPCs have a high level of status, and conversations that are exchanged between meals may have new discoveries.

Dungeon is not a day. What is the Sudden style slow life adventure?

Next, let's look at the battle system of this work. Like living elements, it is an important pillar that makes up this work.

The enemy in the field has a seamlessly fighting battle, making full use of a variety of skills that can be acquired by a normal attack.

The protagonist can change to multiple jobs in real time, with advantages such as short-range battles, long-distance attacks, range attacks, and by hitting the weakness attributes set in monsters and bosses. You can proceed with the advantage.

Some enemy attacks show signs such as straight lines and circles, and although they are in the form of avoiding it, basically the action elements such as avoidance and guard are thin, rather turn-based system. It is an impression close to the battle. Statuses such as character levels, strengths, and attributes are more important than player operation skills and techniques.

Cooking on the cooking platform can greatly recover HP and stamina, and in battle, you can participate with three characters, including the hero, so even those who are not good at fighting are easy to play. You can play the avant-garde to your allies and play magically from behind.

Although it is the real pleasure of RPG, Level up, but not the monster defeated, but gains experience when you go home and sleeps is an important element of this work. It is.

There is a limit in the time that the hero can work in a day, and if you act until midnight, you will fall down, and you will be inoperable. Therefore, in this work, you have to go home every day and sleep even when you capture the dungeon.

Naturally, if you straddle the sun, the enemy you defeated will be repopped. You may think, If you go home every day, the dungeon capture will not proceed at all? There is a use of these to skip the battle with the enemy and make a shortcut to moving.

The system is the feature of this work, such as I've been here today, so tomorrow, from here, and the system of capturing the dungeon while gradually expanding the range of activities over the days, and produces many RPGs. I felt that it was an approach to slow life that can be done by Square Enix. Dungeon is not going to go out until you capture once you enter.

In addition, there is a monster of a unique individual called Fear in the field, and the level is set one than the surrounding monsters. Although it is a strong enemy, if you can defeat it, you may drop items such as accessories, and even if you have done a dungeon once, you can go back and play again.

At first glance, the most conflicted elements, such as leisurely free slow life and great adventure approaching the mystery of the world. It can be said that both of them are finished in a casual and easy-to-play work that incorporates both elements in a well-balanced manner.

Whether you love the slow life system or have never mentioned these genres, please experience the new slow life fantasy given by Square Enix.

Harvester will be released on November 4 (STEAM version on November 5) for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version is also distributing a free trial version that can take over save data to the product version, so please check here.

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