Square Enix announces Symbiogenesis, a new NFTS project

Square Enix has announced biogenesis through this tweet, and will be an interactive project with NFTS. This announcement dissipates the doubts that were generated with the registration of the brand in Japan, when some users related this name to a possible Renaissance of Parasite Eve, an idea that is now ruled out.

As explained via a press release, it will be your first art digital collectible project designed from scratch for web3 fans. This biogenesis, which will be launched in spring of 2023 and can be played in browsers through PC and mobile devices, will use the blockchain Ethereum and promises to offer an interactive story and a dedicated community.

Apparently, this project will be set in an independent universe to the rest of its franchises, and will present us a wide cast of characters that can be acquired in the form of a digital _art_art, something that can then be used as profile images in profile in Social networks (that is, to radar of hexagon on Twitter). History takes place in an alternative world where the player can unravel a mystery when completing missions that revolve around monopolization and resource distribution , we read in the press release. With each strategic movement that the players do, history will be developed more.


Recall that this is not the first foray of the Japanese editor within the NFTS. After statements by its president Yoke Matsuda earlier this year in which he already announced these future plans of Square Enix, the company launched them officially during this summer with the launch of NFTS of Final Fantasy VII as part of the celebration of its 25th anniversary.

There are already many opinions provided within the industry regarding blockchain technology within video games, from a Valve that does not allow them in its digital store to an EPIC that encourages them to have them on its platform, and, despite the Failure in some of these experiments such as Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, many companies remain willing to continue taking them forward.


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