Iem Rio Major: It was a great season, despite the fall in the end, says Karrigan

Best CS: GO of the world in 2022 by the achievements of PGL Major Antwerp titles, IEM Katowice, IEM Cologne and ESL Pro League Season 15, Faze Clan had a performance drop in the final stretch of the season and made a disappointing campaign on IEM Rio Major, being eliminated in the Legends Stage with three losses and no victory.

Team captain, Dane Finn Kerrigan Andersen that the doing had a performance drop in the final stretch of the year, but evaluates that the team has done a great season and will try to close it around, with titles in the Blast's latest events in 2022: Fall Finals and Final World.

In an interview with MGG azil after the show match between Time azil and Time Sweden at Major do Rio, Kerrigan, who acted as a complete of the Sweden team instead of Jesper JR Rockwell, stressed that if they offered the titles that do to He won before the season started, he would accept at the time.


I think we had a perfect season from the beginning. We had a drop now at the end, but I think the other teams also got better. Last year, for example, you had Navy dominating much of the season, but this year we saw Cloud9 hitting two MD3, and I think we have also gotten worse in recent months. I think the other teams have studied us a lot and copied us a lot.

If you told me earlier this year that we would win Katowice, cologne a major and do ugly in all the other championships, I would accept on time. It was a great season so far, and we still have two more Blast tournaments at the end of the year, and if we win at least one of them I think we can be crowned as the best team of 2022, said the Pro Player.

In most of the Major playoff games, especially in the quarterfinals and semifinals, the clashes that did not involve the curia were marked by many vacant seats at Tennessee Arena, with much of the audience with entry to the games choosing to follow the matches Between foreign teams on the Fan Fest assembled outside the arena. Kerrigan lamented what happened, and said he hoped that in the next tournaments in azil the public will attend large numbers to the main stage of the games even when home teams are not on stage.

I hope that when we get back to azil, even in the games without azilians, we can see the full arena. I think it was the thing that disappointed me here, not seeing an arena crowded in a semifinal, but it is understandable when you have so many attractions on the side Outside, evaluated

I just hope that next year, whether it is a major or not, we can see the most full arena, because we had a beautiful major here, with great games, but at the same time I know that many great teams, we included, could not get to the Playoffs. Navy (who fell to the curia in the quarterfinals), doing and liquid have a large fan base in azil and could ing more people to the arena.

Although failed to reach the major playoffs with doing Clan, Kerrigan eventually managed to play at Tennessee Arena by completing the Sweden team at the show match against the azil team. Despite the 16-8 defeat on the Train map for the azilian team, Kerrigan said he liked the experience and stressed several positive experiences from azil even with the campaign below expectations in Rio's major.

Playing here was all we wanted since we arrived in azil, but in the end things are as they are. I tried to take something positive from that (the early elimination of doing). Usually I would never put my foot in the arena if I wasn't in the arena (via classification to playoffs), but coming here to watch the azilian CS, Curia was the experience of a life, and it was very nice to watch, said the player, who also talked about the show match between Time azil and Time Sweden.

It was amazing to play alongside so many other CS veterans like me. Playing with CS legends against whom I competed for a lifetime. I think it was the most serious show match I've ever played. It was a very fun experience.