How to Complete Miguel Almiron Potm SBC in FIFA 23

POEM promotions are falling once again as players prepare to begin the promotion of the FUT World Cup. So, while waiting for that to happen, we are here to guide it How to complete the Miguel Albion Poem SBC in FIFA 23 .

FIFA 23 Miguel Albion Poem SBC Guide

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It happens that this challenge only requires two compilations, and on the surface, this does not seem too expensive. Although we will say from the beginning: if you have at least one hidden Tow card that you are not using at all, now it is time to get it out. Below you will find the two target lists for this challenge, as well as the rewards you will get to complete them.

Full form [Reward: Small Gold Players Pack]

  • Min. 1 Tow player in your initial XI.
  • Min. 84 OR team classification.

First League [Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack]

  • Min. 1 Player of the Premier League in your initial eleven.
  • Min. Classification of 85 OR equipment.

FIFA Solution 23 Albion Pl Poem SBC

As previously hinted, this compilation will not be too expensive. Albion is not Robert Lewandowski, for example. And, going higher in certain letters will give you an advantage when it comes to completing the rest of your squad. You will find solutions below, with the evergreen warning that the transfers market constantly fluctuates. Keep in mind as you advance through these.

Superior form: ~ 33 500-38,000 coins

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Trap: 21,250 Ascension: 950 Diego Carlos: 1,000 Piqué: 1,000 Hummel's: 2,900 Rubén Never: 950 Homburg: 950 Radio: 2,900 Giménez: 1,000 Simon: 950 Oyarzabal: 2,900

Maybe this is not as cheap as we would like it to be, but the market seems to be at the upper end at this time. That said, we still suggest going big with your Tow card. In this case, Trap with a rating of 87 will cost you just under 22,000 coins. I could opt for the form with qualification 88, but we do not believe it is necessary to disburse the few thousands of additional currencies.

As for the rest of your squad, you can complete it with three players with 84 qualification and six players with qualification 83. Another positive aspect is that because there is no chemistry requirement, you can launch any player anywhere! So, take advantage of that while putting the appropriate pieces instead.


Premier League: ~ 57 500-62,000 coins

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From GEA: 16,250 Jesús Naval: 1,000 Rubén Days: 21,250 Hummel's: 2,900 Schick: 8,300 Ricardo Pereira 950 Angelina: 950 Book: 3,000 Ascension: 950 Perišić: 2,900 Speed: 2,900

Due to the equipment requirement with an 85 rating, we recommend going larger with a couple of players. Ruben's days (88) and GEA (87) will be great costs from the beginning, but you can save in the rest of your team, at least a little, with an 85, four 84 and four 83. Balanced as all things owe be true?

That is all you need to complete the Miguel Albion Poem SBC in FIFA 23, But if you are looking for more advice on the game, it has come to the right place. has other guides such as how to complete the Gonzalo Tiguan premium SBC and the best formations to be used, in addition to endless information on the links below.

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