God of War Ragnarök pays tribute to a deceed developer on a secondary mission


In video games there are also beautiful gestures. In this ce it is at the same time sad, because it is a gesture of love towards a developer that is g1. Sam Hendrick, one of GamePlay programmers at God of War Ragnarök, h shared the story of Jake Snipes, one of the creatives behind the video game, who died two years ago.

There is something in God of War Ragnarök that is very special to me, he said in the thread. It is not a destroy of the main story, it is the secondary mission plee, so feel free to look for it first. You may have noticed the first sign of this in those hearts scattered throughout the kingdoms. His story h to do with a man who loves nothing more.

I met Jake Snipes when I joined Santa Monica Studio in 2019. We worked together at God of War Ragnarök, we both loved Carly Rae Jepsen and Death Note, and soon we became close friends. Shortly after we went more than that, Jake w the brilliant light of my life. According to the developer, he fell in love with him and traveled by his side parks in the United States.

Hearts with their initials

We talked about how much we would like to leave a trace of us in Ragnarök, some indication within the game that it h been the reon we met, our first game together. Once he suggested a simple heart with our initials in Nordic runes chiseled in the world we had built.

Jake Snipes died in 2020 due to his epilepsy. My heart broke, I still have it that way and I will always have it. I spent months almost unintentionally, but when I returned to Ragnarök I wanted it to be everything he deserved. I hope I left some piece of him inside.

God of War: Ragnarök is available on PS4 and PS5. You can read Meditation's analysis on this link.