Famous overseas media Zawa! God of War Lagunarok Hiromichi Onai CM has become a topic across the sea

God of War Ragnarok released by Sony Interactive Entertainment has been a hot topic overseas.


This video is a commercial in which Hiroshi NATO, who appeared as an old man on the NHK Mom with Mom, sang and danced the replacement song of the nursery rhyme Abraham's child according to the content of the game. The tweet was talked about 68,000 times on YouTube.

This unique CM has been a famous overseas media such as IGN, Euro gamer, Gamest, and Screen Rant. Both media reporters seem to be unable to hide their surprise in this commercial, and Gamest describes it as incredibly strange. In addition, IGN posted English subtitles on Twitter and collected nearly 4,000 good things at the time of writing this article.

Overseas, comedy-chic commercials featuring Ben Stiller, John Travolta, and LeBron James have been released, but Hiroshi OAI CM is like a children's program despite the fact that the game is for adults. It seems that the gap that is being displayed strangely in overseas users.