Delivered at the underwater cafe management SLG ESPRESSO TYCOON PROLOGUE: UNDERWATER Steam! Free prologue version of 2023 release ESPRESSO TYCOON

TRAMWAY GAMES has launched the free prologue version of the café management simulation espresso tycoon on Steam.

This is a game that runs a café as the owner of the underwater café in Sydney. Players will provide menus and services to satisfy customers while maintaining in-store equipment, employment of employees, budget management, etc.

It is also possible to create your own menu with a dedicated 3D coffee editor. You can also grasp the customer's preference in the market research and create the best cup. In addition, it seems that the underwater café also has a deep sea mystery.


This work was voted for the prologue version of the prologue version from May 2022 and decided to be underwater. Since September, we have held Steam play tests for applicants, and have made various corrections and adjustments based on the feedback we have obtained so far. Regarding this release, thanks to the community who participated from the development.

ESPRESSO TYCOON PROLOGUE: UNDERWATER is being distributed for free on Steam. The main game ESPRESSO TYCOON is scheduled to be released in March 2023.


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