Thor God of War Ragnarok: Origin and Relations in Nordic Mythology

Continuing our overview of the characters of Nordic mythology present in God of War 2018 and God of War Ragnarök, the time has come for the famous Thor . He who is part of the final teaser after the credits of the first adventure of Rates and Atreus is not much like the versions of heroes movies.


Thor: origin and relationship between the characters


Thor is son of Odin and Word , Johann who is the embodiment of the earth. It is therefore part of the air and is one of the most important characters of the Nordic Pantheon. His wife is the goddess sigh , also associated with earth.

With Sigh, Thor has a daughter Thru whose name means Force e Power and supposedly another daughter called Lorrie . Thor is also a foster father of stepson Fuller , son of IF with the giant Organic.

Thor also has a child named mod ( _courage) whose mother is unknown, and Mani (Force), the result of her first marriage to giant already **.

His name

Thor has its name based on the old Nordic word meaning Trojan . It also has nicknames that refer mainly to their strength or protective paper .

Thor: Function and attributes

God of what?

Thor, as his name suggests, is the god of thunder and causes storms by wandering through heaven. He is also a god of battles , of strength and by fertility extension. In addition, it is the defender of men and the kingdom of Midgard .

His residence called Bilskirnir (The sparkling fragment) located in the kingdom of Trondheim or Trudging (force field) is considered the largest of all existing buildings.

How can we recognize it?

Thor is a God Warrior , so he is often represented with a massive body and armor. Her hair and beard can be long and redheaded, and a mention of your fierce look, sometimes to your red eyes.

Nevertheless, it is common to see a different representation of Thor on the screening, series or animations. The modern Thor usually appears blond and with an impeccably spotted body.

Thor owns of a carriage, pulled by two goats called Tanngrísnir (Reinaldo) and tanngnjóstr ( illiant dates), with which he runs the sky and triggers storms.

Finally, the God has three different objects. The famous Thor Hammer, called Mjöllnir ( _The Destroyer), a powerful weapon forged by the dwarves and returning to the hands of its owner when it is thrown.

To help wield this weapon, Thor wears special iron gloves called JárgrepriPriPriopi , as well as a magical belt, Megingjord, that allows him to increase his own strength absurdly, making it possible to use the hammer.

mythological references and possible connection with the game

Thor and the theft of the hammer

Thor's hammer was stolen by the giant Thyme who agrees to return him in exchange for marriage to the goddess Freya. Handball and Loki decide to help, and they then make up a plan.

Thor disguises it as Freya to go to the wedding. When Thyme ings Mjöllnir to consecrate the union, Thor manages to take the hammer and kills both the giant and the family and the guests of Thyme.

Thor, Jörmungand and Ragnarök

Jörmungand (Jörmungander, Jörmungandr) is a giant snake, Loki's daughter, and Thor's greatest enemy. Show The last confrontation ends with the death of both : During Ragnarök, the final battle. Thor gives a fatal blow, but after taking nine steps, the god succumbs victim to the snake poison.