LOL - Worlds 2022: Keria's promise to Deft that will come true in the World Cup final

The universe and all the competitive League of Legends always brings us narratives and stories more than interesting to tell journalists, and this one that we are going to bring you below is one of them. If they remember, in 2020, Deft and Beria shared equipment in Dr , where they set a good role and passed to Worlds.

That year, The talented and young Support promised Deft several things . The first one was that this year they would play the World Cup together, something they achieved after ending seconds at Summer Split and falling into the LCK final against Damon Kia by 3-0. Damon himself left them out of Worlds's semifinals after also winning Deft and company 3-0.

When Beria abandoned Dr to T1 , the Support said that one day in the World Cup final would be measured. G respectively.

Does Deft's last dance?

This information has been in the air since recent months. The veteran shooter would leave the competition and hang the mouse. Seeing its level in the crack, and as it has been important for the team, hope that Deft will continue to have rope for a while and that we can continue enjoying it more years.

T1 Deft keeps a very special affection of that 2020 Dr in which they arrived at the event and passed from groups, and in the last previous interview before measuring themselves to Gen. G, he sent a message to them and the young support of T1 and of the insistence of the same in which they would be measured in the World Final.

Beria, the daring support who wants to set a time

Deft insisted it quite a lot during various interviews granted, that of Beria's insistence to play a Worlds final, even if it were in separate teams. Beria has always had that boldness and self-confidence that are needed to succeed in League of Legends and with attitudes such as this demonstrates that she is one of the most charisma of the game.

All this despite his age, and is that with 20 years, he has already reached his first final in three participation. Last year he stayed a map of achieving it and the previous

That said, the final is served and the rivalry between these two former partners will be one of the main plot lines of the final. The bot lane can decide many things from the final and the good work of these two in the innovator crack will be key for DRX or T1 to achieve the triumph in San Francisco.


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