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Any player Royale High knows that the halo makes the gameplay unforgettable: more than 20 unique designs and styles make them an ideal accessory and the subject of collecting. However, despite their extreme popularity, most of the halo belongs to less than 10,000 players what may seem a fair amount, until it is compared with the fact that experience has collected more than eight Millard visitors from the moment of its debut in 2017. So, among all these halo, which one is the rarest? Continue to read below to find out.


The Rain Values in the Royal School

The table below is streamlined from the rarest to the least rare, and the rarest halo is indicated at the top.


That's all for our leadership on the rarest halo at the royal school-what is the rarest halo? Do you have a favorite halo? Is there anything that you would like to return to the past and get? Let us know in the comments below and periodically come here during the year-as more halls will be added to Royale High, we will update this leadership accordingly!

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