Is Moonbreaker a multiplayer game?

Moonbreaker is a strategic step-by-step game on a science fiction theme. It has been developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, a team standing behind the popular Subnautica and Natural Selection 2. In addition to this, Brandon Sanderson was involved in helping the world of Moonbreaker. Having this information, you can wonder if Moonbreaker will be a multi-user game and whether the plot will be in it.

Is there a multiplayer in Moonbreaker?

Moonbreaker Answer-yes-Moonbreaker there is a multiplayer in the form of online pvp . There was not a word about the autonomous multiplayer regime, but you can compete with other players. Since Moonbreaker is a strategic game, the game against other opponents will be the best way to learn and improve their skills.

is Moonbreaker by a single-user game?

Although Moonbreaker will have an online PVP mode, offline mode will also be available. Players can conduct a series offline challenges , most likely, textbooks or complex missions to study new skills and master them. There will also be drawing mode in which you can draw your digital miniatures.

Is there a plot in Moonbreaker?

The world of Moonbreaker was built using Brandon Sanderson author for -born fog as well as the archow of the Busvet series. Moonbreaker is a strategic digital board game, but it seems that it will have plot design that looks like Overwatch in which it is headed by its characters.

We still know little, but the action of Moonbreaker occurs in the universe called reaches consisting of many moon, held in orbit by a rare resource called ash . On the official Moonbreaker website, several named characters and a brief background are listed, hinting at the continuation of the story.

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