GTA VI: Hacker additionally liable for the assaults on Microsoft? Evidently more apprehensions expected

While the City of London Police did not give any type of further details because of the recurring investigation, numerous media reported that the 17-year-old belongs to the Lapses $ group as well as both on the huge leak of GTA 6 and the assault was associated with the databases of the driving provider Uber. As the journalist Matthew Keys, citing undefined sources, we are managing the 17-year-old with a hacker that is well known to the authorities.

Appropriately, the hacker was already accountable for the assaults on Microsoft and also Nvidia and was detained for the first time for the hacker attacks at the start of the year.

Recently, the London police announced that she was arrested by a 17-year-old who was apprehended due to the suspicion of hacking.

Authorities obviously plan further apprehensions

According to Matthew Keys, the FBI, which also sought the hacker, purposely holds back with statements because further apprehensions are prepared. The reporter stated that the A.K. In reality, cyberpunks recognized the driving pressure behind the current hacker assault on Uber. Not an actually brand-new information, considering that the hacker opened openly shortly after the big leak of GTA 6 to have likewise gone into the Uber databases.

Additionally, Uber mentioned in a declaration that the exact same person lags the hacker assault on his own data sources as well as rock celebrity Games. The London cops had the ability to recognize the hacker as a result of the similar procedures in the strikes on Microsoft, OKTA as well as Nvidia as well as lastly arrest. A.K. For now in police custody.

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It is still uncertain whether the hacker could indeed catch the resource code of GTA 6. Prior to his recognition and also apprehension, offered A.K. the resource code available for sale. According to Matthew Keys, it is uncertain whether we were handling a bluff right here with which the hacker wanted to make his strike on Rockstar Games look much more incredible. | Is Lapses $ behind the huge leakage? London cops detained 17-year-olds | Videos according to Schrader real-hacker desires to discuss offer | main statement-that claims Superstar Games about the large leak | Additional insights into the Rockstar-Hack

Resource: Matthew Keys

According to Matthew Keys, the FBI, which also pursued the hacker, consciously holds back with statements due to the fact that more arrests are prepared. Cyberpunks identified the driving force behind the newest hacker assault on Uber. The London police were able to recognize the hacker due to the comparable treatments in the attacks on Microsoft, OKTA as well as Nvidia as well as finally arrest. Before his recognition and apprehension, offered A.K. the source code for sale.


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