How to get water on the farthest border

Farthest Frontier is a symbol of medieval civilization, in which you have to protect and develop a small settlement, supplying it with food, obtaining resources, curing illness and fighting with invaders.


Water is one of the main resources that you will need to maintain your settlement. It is needed not only for drinking, but also for agriculture and cattle.

The next leadership will show you how to get water at Farthest Frontier.

How to build a water well on the most long border

You need to build a base well to provide your villages with clean drinking water. You can find a well in the resource section inside the construction menu.

The placement of the well for a larger number of dark blue tiles will provide a water bonus, thanks to which the well will extract more water from the ground. It is perfect to build it in the center of your settlement. Nevertheless, you can take a short compromise in relation to a water bonus.

As your settlement grows, you will have to build more wells in order to keep up with the need for the water of a larger population. Already existing wells can also be modernized using stone and iron. This will increase their effectiveness.

Recommended Strategy for Placement of wells

Ideally, you would like to build a well in the center of the village, but we recommend that you build a well on the dark tile, which you can find in the parameters of your village.

Do not worry if the well is a little away from the center of the village. This will provide additional water, and you do not need to do another well for some time to keep up with the growing population.

After that, we recommend finding the best water places in the immediate vicinity of your village. They can be a little far away. Build a well there so that you have to worry about the water until the end of the game.