The first details of MMO SOULFRAME from the creators of Warframe appeared

The Washington Post Publishing House interviewed the creative director of Jeff Kruks and Steve Sinclair, who previously worked as the director of Warframe, but changed his position to the head of the new project-MMO SOULFRAME. From the conversation, readers learned a lot of interesting information about the future game.

According to Steve, Soulframe will be a rather strange look at fantasy, and this is applicable to the game process. Where Warframe is focused on shooting, this is focused on close combat. Where Warframe is super-fast, this one will be much slower and heavier. But Soulframe will have much in common with the genre in which we have experience.

The world of Soulframe, as expected, can be his most interesting character. The game will be devoted to the topics of nature, restoration and adventure inspired by such works as Princess Mononoka and Endless History, in particular, a clash between industry and the planet.

Vanity (in Soulframe) lies in the fact that the world itself is a little angry for what was done with it, and it will constantly change. Thus, in the networks of caves, crevices and so on, we will implement the procedural generation of locations, said the creative director of Jeff Kroks.

The world hub will be open, more similar to the open world recently added to Warframe.. Crook wants Soulframe to concentrate on research that there will never be in Warframe so that players feel more alive at every moment in time.

I am pursuing for this short session, but with a high level of immersion. When you, after a login in the game and the appearance in the usual place, understand that the world lives without you.


Although the battles will be slow and focused on close contact, Sinclair and Crook emphasized that they are not trying to make the game in the spirit of the innovative in the genre of the Souls series from From Software.

Sinclair and Crook were not ready to discuss the exact details that distinguish the Soulframe hand-to-hand combat from Souls-IGR, and for this there is a good reason-the project is still at a very early stage of development. The main concepts of the game began to appear in Digital Extreme back in 2019, but until February this year only a very small team worked on it, mostly artists.

So why announce this now, when there is practically nothing to show in the game? Sinclair admitted that this became a meme when companies represent games with vague trailers from CGI graphics and several details. But first of all, he wants to be frank with the players.

Our work was extremely focused on the community. It seems insincere not to tell players about changes and who heads Warframe. In fact, it is too early to declare Soulframe! But from the point of view of transparency and confidence that they (players) understand, as we think, we tend to be much more open than most studios.

But Sinclair and Crook do not plan to announce Soulframe, and then go to the secret development laboratory consisting of metal grates and tinted windows. Having achieved success with regular Warframe backups on Twitch, they plan to give fans the opportunity to look behind Soulframe curtains. Ideally, this process should begin as soon as possible, and fans of Digital Extreme will be able to play in the Soulframe version during the year.

We want to try to do something similar to Warframe, that is: Hey, look how we make the game, pick up drafts and tell us how you feel, Sinclair said.

This strategy may seem inappropriate at such an early stage, but Sinclair believes that it is not so far from the fact that Digital Extreme has done with Warframe, a game that is now completely unrecognizable compared to the early version.

Warframe has many things that were just terrible failures in terms of design. And we just said: Well, well, we will no longer do this. Just repair and redo it.

This is tiring and difficult. You get a thing when someone has compiled a table of promises that you violated. But I think that with Warframe we were able to change the opinion of many players, talking with them less officially and more liberated

Sinclair also chose this moment to announce to Soulframe because Warframe is about to receive a new extension with the open world of Duviri Paradox, and he wants to demonstrate that the game is in reliable hands.

I wanted to go a little aside and get fresh ideas-to give the next generation of our wonderful team to show flexibility.

Nevertheless, after so many years spent on the project, Sinclair and Cruks were not easy to part.

This is like when you leave home for the first time. This is exciting, but at the same time bitterly sweet, Kruks said. Despite the fact that we are leaving, I cannot completely ignore Warframe. We have already been clapped several times in the hands, Sinclair said with a laugh.