Karmaland V: These are the rules imposed by Vegetta to keep peace on the server

Karmaland V is very close to its premiere and many have already stayed with friends to see the return of all to a series that intends to make history. After the announcement of the arrival of Iillojuan and Quackity to the square world, there was still to know what will be the rules that will be established in the town created in Minecraft so that the series is not a total chaos.

That is why Vegetta, with the help of Willyrex and his followers, established the rules and rules for the proper functioning of the server so that some of the participants do not leave the first days of the first days of the Serie. Next we leave you with all the rules established so far, although in reality they are more orientative things than mandatory guidelines to follow.

The rules that all Karmaland V participants must follow

  • You cannot leave blocks that belong to the house of any server member
  • You cannot modify or destroy any structure related to the people You cannotmake mines inside the house ** of the participants
  • If an object or mechanical is broken within the server, the administrator must be notified
  • Toxic users and those who do metagaming will dance immediately
  • The participant only knows what they have told or happens during the series, not in the real world NO COMMANDS SHOULD BE USED
  • You can't make experience or villagers
  • All bugs must be communicated to administrators * You cannot use diamond until administrators decide
  • You can't use a enchantment table until administrators decide

NORMAS * You can't go to other dimensions until administrators decide * Do not enter the server under any type of drug or alcohol * Do not leave the exploration limits established until the administrators decide

  • Do not use turrets until administrators decide * Do not burn other people's constructions
  • You can play outside cameras, but without making significant changes