The best assembly of support in the new light

When it comes to the New World, the best assembly is optimal for both PVE and PVP. When it comes to excellent support assemblies and healer, your perfect load begins with the staff of life. Regardless of how you create the assembly, it becomes amazing when you reach the final stage of the game and begin to launch PVP and expeditions. Because of this, you will want to increase your focus statistics more than anything else.

Sapports should have high treatment productivity, while maintaining a balanced attack and protection. Check out our preferred support assemblies for both PVP and PVE in a new light.

The best assembly of PVP support in a new light

The best assembly of PVP support will be obtained using Life Staff and Hatchet. This combination will give you a high DPS and a high treatment result. You will want to place amber gem in a slot of precious ax for this assembly so that you can apply a little more damage than usual. Since you will use your Hatcher for most of the damage that you apply, you will want to take advantage of raging stream skill that allows you to make four consistent attacks, each of which inflicted 90% of weapons damage. Taking advantage of Divine hugs as well as Holy Earth for Life Staff will also be useful for this assembly regarding the treatment of oneself and members of your group.

Passive abilities available for Life Staff are also great for survival when applying damage from your Hatchet.

Best PVE support assembly in a new light

The best assembly of PVE support is a little interesting because she asks you to use Life Staff and Void Gauntlet. Passive abilities, available for both, allow you to support the lives of group members and offer you excellent DPS. Lighthouse The ability proposed by the staff of life offers continuous healing along with Holy Earth . The glove of the abyss uses spells that cause damage to opponents, such as sphere of decomposition . You can also take advantage of Rupture of the essence The ability to help with healing whenever someone attacks the enemy under his effect.

The main attention in this assembly is paid to the skills of focus and physique so realistic that use it as a guide if you are a fan of this assembly.

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