The best gaming headsets 2022

Gamers are not easy with headsets - especially if they want to play on several platforms. Here you can find out:

  • Which wired gaming headsets are recommended for all platforms.
  • Which wireless headsets are good for all platforms.
  • Which gaming headset we can recommend for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Here you can find all available gaming headsets

best gaming headset 2022: Our tip for those who decide

You want to find out more about the numerous options that you have when buying a gaming headset? Then you will find everything you need to know below that you need to know about wireless and wired headphones! You want a decent, flexible gaming model at a good price? Then we have a closer look at our price-performance recommendation, the Logitech G432!

cable headsets for all platforms

You shouldn't underestimate the efficiency of wired headsets. Only here you get a guaranteed, trouble -free connection to your device, while it is continuously supplied with electricity. To do this, you only have to accept that a cable hangs down from the temple to your controller or your PC.

Wireless devices, on the other hand, can be disturbed by other wireless devices, have short receivers or turn off during a game due to a discharged battery. You usually have no time to look for the charger.

In addition, cable headsets are mostly compatible with almost all platforms, ** Since the PC as well as the Xbox, the PlayStation and the Switch have corresponding connections or adapter.

Razer Kraken X: 7.1 for all platforms

With the Razer octopus X you get a very light and ergonomically customizable headset. This increases the wearing comfort immensely and lets you use the over-ear headphones for several hours without any problems.

Top 5 BEST Gaming Headsets of [2022]

With the 7.1 surround sound software you get a precise, position-dependent gaming sound, which can score especially in the bass in explosive game scenarios. The headset runs across platforms through the 3.5 mm audio connection to PC, Xbox, PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch.

Logitech G432: DTS headphones with x 2.0

If you need a more precise reproduction of enemy noises, ** You should get the Logitech G432 with DTS X 2.0. Here the audio signal is calculated and reproduced in real time by the headphones.

With 280 grams, the over-ears are still comfortable to wear even after a longer gaming session and The microphone can be removed from the mouth area via flip. You can also use the headset via USB or 3.5 mm connect. This gives the model cross -platform compatibility without an adapter.

the best wireless headsets

Comfortable headsets are reliable, but have disadvantages. Above all, the distance to the PC or the console as well as the limited freedom of movement are a big shortcoming for many. And let's be honest: Who of us has not yet stumbled down over the headphone cable and did it tore it?

The solution is a wireless headset. In the meantime, the connection via Bluetooth is very stable, so that there are usually no interference sources in the private household. However, since some headsets only connect via a USB radio adapter supplied, not all headphones can be used on all consoles.

Wireless for Xbox and PC: Turtle Beach Stealth 700

It was never easy for the Xbox to find a wireless headset. The reason is that Microsoft with Xbox Wireless uses its own protocol for radio connections. This makes controllers as well as headsets less susceptible to disorders, but has compatibility problems with many headphones.

In the meantime, many devices are easier to connect to the current generation, Since the Series X and Series S Bluetooth have integrated or Bluetooth adapter via USB. Nevertheless, headphone descriptions can be misleading. It is stated that Microsoft's console is supported, but then unfortunately only via a direct connection via 3.5 mm clinke.

It is different with the Turtle Beach Stealth 700. The over-ear headphones can be connected via Bluetooth and Microsoft Wireless. This ensures that also a connection to your Windows PC or your Mac does not be a problem.

Through Windows Sonic you get a perfectly coordinated headset for your Microsoft console. This ensures a clean Dolby Atmos 3D sound, which reflects noise sources from the corresponding direction.

Thanks to cooling gel-based ear pads, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 can be carried through a longer game session without any problems. With 780 grams of weight, the headset is one of the heavier representatives.

Wireless for PS4, PS5 and PC: Logitech G Pro X

The Logitech G Pro X is currently a good choice for competitive players, ** because it establishes a connection via 2.4 GHz and not via Bluetooth. It is resistant to interference frequencies from other Bluetooth devices. Playstation users can easily connect the over-ear headset with a supplied USB dongle to their console. Insert and get started!

Then you can expect a balanced 7.1 DTS surround sound with a rich bass and clean heights. ** Despite stable workmanship made of aluminum and steel, the frame is pleasantly comfortable and does not press on the head even after a long time. And so that your ear cups are also pleasantly covered, the headset once includes synthetic leather pads and once a breathable material.

Wireless for Nintendo Switch and PC: Razer Opus X

For Nintendo Switch users, the topic of “wireless headset” was a big problem for a long time, Because the handheld could only be connected via a third-party adapter via Bluetooth. Fortunately, that belongs to the past and almost every wireless headphone can now be paired with the console.

Unfortunately not without restrictions. On the one hand, only one audio device can currently be connected via Bluetooth. However, the lack of microphone support and a controller restriction that means that no more than two joy cons can be used at the same time.

If this does not prevent you from using a wireless headset when gaming, we recommend the Razer Opus X. Thanks to the active noise suppression , you benefit especially in handheld mode from the over-ears. This eliminates all the noise such as loud neighbors on the bus or engine noises. And if you want to cross a street, the noise suppression can be ended at the push of a button.

You don't have to do without a microphone at the Razer Opus X . ** This is integrated into the ear cups. So you can also use the headset for your smartphone and receive calls and join the phone conferences.

the best gaming headset: You have to pay attention to that

There are many different criteria for the optimal headset, that you define individually and personally for you. Therefore, it is not so easy to find the perfect model.

A high comfort should be a crucial criterion, especially for frequent users. Otherwise the headset quickly presses on the head ceiling, and this reduces the enjoyment of the game.

The sound also plays a crucial role. Just 5.1 and 7.1 surround Sound bring you decisive advantages during gaming. So you can hear in shooters at an early stage using the steps of the opponents from which direction they come.

Finally, the microphone should be an important factor if you play with friends or in a team. Because only a clear transmission of voice ** ensures the perfect consultation with your team council.

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