LOL - MSI 2022: The Curse of the Legends Competitive Legends confirmed with Faker's defeat

The League of Legends Competitive exceeds the Ecuador of the season with the end of the MSI 2022. RNG has been able to impose itself to T1 in a final that left us five maps and disappointed the public face-to-face that enjoyed the game at the Busan Convention Center. Everything was prepared for the possible victory of Faker and company. However, the final departure sentenced the Koreans. A painful, but predictable defeat if we take into account the historical results that have harvested local teams in large international tournaments.

A curse in the Legends Competitive Legends

The defeat of T1 playing as a local only ratifies a situation that has been extending since Samsung White was able to conquer the 2014 World Championship. In that year, the Korean team achieved victory in the Seoul stadium. Since then a total of 14 international tournaments have been held in which there has never been a local champion . Neither the great streak of the Chinese teams in the last nor the historical domain of the LCK has been enough to end this situation.

T1 vs G2 - Day 1 LoL MSI 2022 Rumble Stage | G2 Esports vs T1 full game

The truth is that it is one of the most particular situations of the Legends Competitive Legends. Very prolonged periods of dominance finished when the teams had to compete in front of their audience . An poisoned court factor that contradicts the logic of many other competitions. In this case, yes, we can put the asterisk that RNG was not affected by the possible pressure of the local fan when competing remotely. However, it does not seem to be a crucial factor.

In that sense, none of the finalists will have to worry their possible participation in the Worlds 2022 . The great seasonal competition will be held this time in United States , making some stops in Mexico during its initial phases and Canada in the semifinals. Neutral scenario for the great candidates for the world championship. We are already preparing for the next International League of Legends event that will take place around the month of October.


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