Call of Duty Warzone: Crossplay and Cross Progression

In our cross play guide to Call of Duty Warzone you can find out:

  • How your cross play is activated and deactivated
  • How to add friends of other platforms in the game
  • Where you can start a party in the menu
  • How cross progression works in Warzone

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is there cross play and cross progression in Cod Warzone?

Yes, Call of Duty Warzone offers cross play and cross progression over all available platforms . So you can switch between PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S as desired.

Activate ## CrossSplay in Warzone and more deactivated - that's how it works

How to Cross-Save/Cross Progression In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare! Open the options in CoD Warzone and switch to the rider “Account” . The first option can be activated or deactivated you. If cross play is deactivated, you only play against players on your platform.

Below you can set the cross play communication . If you activate them, you can use the language and text chat together with players on other platforms. If you deactivate cross-splay communication, you can only chat with players on the same platform.

How do I add friends of other platforms?

If you are in the main menu of Warzone, the social menu calls up in the top right corner (triangular button on PlayStation, Y key on Xbox) and select “Add friends”. Make sure that “Activision account” is set at “Find Friends Search with”.

Here you now enter the friend's Activision ID (e.g. player name#1234) and send the invitation. Your own Activision ID will be displayed in the top right in the top right in the corner.

Attention : If you have an older Activision account, it can happen that you have neither hashtag nor numbers behind your name.

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How do I start a cross -platform party in Call of Duty Warzone?

In order to be able to use the game chat with friends of other platforms, you have to start a party together:

  • Opens the social menu (triangular button on PlayStation, Y key on Xbox)
  • Choose the second tab “Party”
  • Choose “Fast Invitation” and click on the desired friend you want to invite you to the party

How does cross progression work in Warzone?

Your game progress is automatically saved via the Activision account **. As soon as you log in on another platform with your Activision account, you have access to all your progress.

Only CP (call-of-duty points) can only be output on the platform on which you bought them. You will not be transferred to other platforms. However, you can use the items and skins purchased with it on any platform.

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