A game like a movie? The horror game 'query' is real

Super Massive Games, which has emerged as a western horror game master through 'Unil Dunn' and 'Dark Pictures Ancology', returned to the new query. 'Query' is an interactive horror game with a sense of emotion in the 80s. The game is based on the summer camp of the Haekit Quarry. The incident begins with the teenagers in this secluded village that creates a quiet but strange atmosphere. On the last day of the summer camp, while enjoying the party, they faced a strange situation, and soon faced a terrible situation without children, adults, or rules.

What is the difference between Super Massive Games' third horror game 'Query' compared to 'Unil Dunn' and 'Dark Pictures Ancology'? And what is their 80's emotion? Super Massive Games came out to answer these questions. Super Massive Games' Matt Cells first -time game designer appeared on a special broadcast of Play Expo Ruricon on the 14th.

Super Massive Games. It is not an exaggeration to say that the know -how of the horror they accumulated was gathered. Let's listen to his stories about the surprisingly delicate visuals, cinematic quality, and query where actors participated.

Q. What are you inspired by the production of'currents'?

Kids board games as horror movies???????????? The amazing thing about the horror genre is that it can be inspired by a wide variety of side. All of our staff are fans of the enthusiastic horror genre. That's why it's hard to talk about the work that inspired the production of 'query', but it was generally inspired by the horror films in the 80s. I wanted to go back to classical horror grammar, such as fear and dangerous local residents, and revived it in a new and terrible way.

I've seen a lot of movies like Slippers Camp 2, Liberation, Friday, 13th, and it's a lot to refer to the initial direction of the game. It was a great help to capture the tension of the game story and to capture the moment of decision to live and death.

Q. Did you have any difficulties in developing the game?

When creating a game like a query, there is always a difficult problem. One of the most difficult problems was that I already knew that I would go through when I started, and it was to create a cinematic scene of a great game and allow the actor to perform as well as a movie.

With the latest facial capture technology and repetitive tasks using movie lighting techniques, and various steps, we have achieved the final result of conveying the character and story vividly.

Q. What is the main difference that makes 'query' differently from other horror games?

The choice is the core of the query. I tried to make the game fear like a movie that players can control, and to make the player immersed around the decision. Whether it's big or small, all decisions form a story and survive to decide someone to tell the story.

Knowing that the life of the character you play is in my hand, the level of tension is even higher. Combined with the acting of the historic Hollywood, giving you the immersion, tension, and thrilling experience of the game. You will have to wisely through the terrible night of the Haekit Quarry.

Q. Is there a specific approach to this game?

There are several modes in the query. You can play with a classic single player environment, or in the same room, you can enjoy the query party horror experience through a cooperative mode where players play with different maps. In addition, the host player invites up to seven friends and can play an important decision as a vote and can play an exciting online mode that allows you to create your own story.

Finally, there is a movie mode. In the movie mode, you can sit comfortably and watch the various ways of the game like a movie, and you can see the pre -set results such as living or dying. If you don't like the pre -set results, you can also use the customized movie mode environment called the director's chair.

This setting allows you to choose a variety of characteristics and actions of each map. With this choice, the character reacts, so an unpredictable story gives life. It can still affect the story, but you will be surprised to see what's going on.

Q. Do you want to tell Korean players?

We are looking forward to June 10 when we are released. And I want to see you who are making the way through the game.