We are all tennis players: ZVEREV criticizes Wimbledon

ZVEREV spoke - so he described it myself - from the heart. With the decision of the Wimbledon organizers, Russian and Belarusian tennis professionals from the lawn classic, the German showed anything but happy. "The decision shows that the different tennis communities do not stand together," said the 25-year-old on Friday. "We play all year round the men's tour with a rule. Namely, that the Russian tennis players are not allowed to play under Russian flag."

He see no reason to exclude single players in Wimbledon, Zverev emphasized in Munich. At the same time, Germany's best tennis player advocated the decision of the World Association ITF, Russia and Belarus of team competitions as to exclude the Davis Cup. "I think that is completely correct. Because these are really sanctions against Russia," Zverev said.

Medvedev and Rublev affected by the lawn classic

In response to the Russian Attack War in Ukraine, the Wimbledon organizers had decided that professionals from Russia and Belarus should not be there in the Rasen Classic in the summer. Those affected by the World Ranking-Second Daniil Medvedev also Zverev's good buddy Andrey Rublev. As known on Friday, Italy's government also examines a possible exclusion of Russian tennis professionals at the tournament in May in Rome.

WTA is considering sanctions against Wimbledon

The Damentennis Organization WTA is now considering sanctions against Wimbledon - the French sports direction "L'Equipe" reported on an appropriate e-mail from WTA boss Steve Simon. Although the Americans condemn the Russian attack war against Ukraine. Simon references but also that a player has never been denied participation in a tournament due to the actions of their respective government.

This opinion is also Zverev, who described the war as "inhuman". "That must not happen in the world. Everything else, also sports, is currently third or fourth place," explained the Hamburg. Wimbledon is currently making what you want ". Rublev for about many years lives in Spain, Medvedev in France. "You can not do anything in the end that you come from Russia," Zverev said, which is in contact with "one of his best friends" Rublev.

RUBLEVS offer: donation of his prize money

The Russian showed itself disappointed with the decision as well as his compatriot Karen Khachanov. "I'm sad and helpless that these things just happen now that we came to this point," Khachanov said on Friday. Rublev had offered to donate his prize money in Wimbledon. "I'm thinking that this individual athletes should give the chance to show that they are against war. If Andrej wants to donate his whole prize money, why should not he play in Wimbledon?" Zverev asked.

At some point, the tennis ranking does not make sense. If you can not play a grand slam as a top player, it makes no sense to have the ranking.

Wimbledon tennis tournament bans Russian and Belarusian players - BBC News

Alexander Zverev

The 25-year-old also pointed out more sporting consequences of the Wimbledon decision. "At some point the tennis ranking does not make sense. If you can not play a grand slam as a top player, it makes no sense to have the ranking," Zverev said.

Also Djikovic and Navratilova criticize the solo

The decision of the Wimbledon organizers also ensures premier and previous professionals for abundant controversies. The Serbian Top Star Novak Djokovic and Tennis Icon Martina Navratilova criticized the solo. Russian Darja Kasatkina reacted with understanding. ZVEREV now sees the professional organizations ATP, WTA and ITF in the duty: "We are all tennis players. We are all 1. We are a big family."

Many tennis professionals, including the Ukrainian top player Jelena Svitolina, demand a clearer attitude from their Russian colleagues since the beginning of the war. The problem: Anyone who pronounces himself in Russia against the war, which, in addition to criminal consequences, threatens the complete loss of existence. It should not be publicly used the word war, but only the formulation "military special operation" specified by Kremlin Chef Vladimir Putin.

Zverev himself was born in Hamburg and has Russian parents. His brother Mischa comes from Moscow. As a manager of his brother, Mischa also works with the Ukrainian Sergei Bubka Junior.