Many Russian game developers have reported / planned / planning foreign escape. Each circumstances for developers who do not escape

Russian Mobile Game Marketing Service APP2TOP published the results of the Game Developer Questionnair taken on April 8. About 42.3% of Russian developers answered have revealed data such as the country already leaving or contempting foreign release. GameDev Reports and Game Developer are communicated.

Ukrainian invasion by Russia has a great deal of impact on the game industry. In Ukrainian manufacturers invaded, there are examples such as GSC GAME WORLD, "S. T. A. L. K.e.r. 2" development interruption. In addition, Russian game companies that receive sanctions at government / private levels from around the world are also in a tough position. Although it can not be compared with the predicament of Ukraine local manufacturer exposed to the battle, it is certain that Russian maker is in economic and social tight situation. As an example, reports such as "can not receive sales from STeam" also out of Russian developers (related articles). There will also be a risk of speech pressure by Russian government.

There are also few Russian developers who are trying to escape from such a situation. Local Marketing Service APP2TOP is communicated as a questionnaire result. As of the end of March this year, 17.8% of Russian resident developers who responded to the questionnaire are away from Russia, and 24.5% is being preparing for Russian leaving. Also, of the remaining developers who answered that they remain in Russia, 33.6% have been told that they were considering leaving Russia in the future. The questionnaire was carried out from March 25 to April 1st. About 378 russian residents developers who approach half of the developers are the result that foreign release has been implemented or contemplated.

As the destination of developers who answered that they were already out of the country, 25.4% answered that they have moved to Turkey. Next, there are many moving people in the order of Armenia, Georgia (formerly Georgia), Kazakhstan, and Serbia, and it seems that a few developers are moving to Cyprus and Thailand. And that the majority of 83.6% of the respondents answered that "Russia was good". In addition, 16.3% of the developers who said that they are planning Russia leave are listed as a destination candidate for Cyprus. Then, in order of Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, many developers have listed as candidates. Close to Russia, many developers will flow to Turkey, which is also a stage of ceasefire negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, and it seems to be considered as a destination. In addition to many Russian tourists, many Russian tourists have visited, and there are reports that Russians are stuck in the effects of economic sanctions. The respondents who are in the country are likely to be staying alone.

In addition, the distress can be seen in the reply of the developers who answered that they remain in Russia. "I'm responding to Russia" "I did not answer Russia", 33.3% saying that "Parents and Family / Friends / Job Have No, I can not leave Russia." In addition, 15.3% answered that "monetary issues can not be released abroad." In addition, it is 45.1% in the opinion that we collected the most more answers. On the other hand, the developer who answered that "I like life in Russia" could not be 1%. Russia's developers are also data that can not always be convinced in the country's environment and ideology.

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This survey may be a questionnaire with a single service, and I would like to keep in mind that there is a slight bias in a series of results. However, as a result of Russian invasion and sanctions from the international community, there will be one data that indicates that the game developer is a tough environment. When the war ended, what is the Russian game industry withdrawn with the developers?


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