La Season Second Halo Infinite will last six months

One of the greatest criticisms that the multiplayer has received from _ Halo Infinite _ is related to the duration of its first season. Unlike other games with a similar mode of progression, where we see constant changes and new content, the work of 343 industries has remained stable for the last five months. Although many expected this to be the past thing with the beginning of the second season, many have disappointed to realize that this period will last six months.

It will be on May 3 when the second season of halo Infinite begins. In this way, 343 Industries shared a new list with the content that you plan to launch in this period. It was here where many were disappointed when realizing that the second season will come to an end until November 6, 2022.

Through Twitter, fans did not remain silent, and began to criticize the decisions of the study, as well as delays, as well as the possibility of seeing the Forge mode and the cooperative campaign until the end of the year .

“Nothing DLC for the campaign, and season 2 lasts 6 months… this means that season 3 will not begin until November, a year after launch...

Halo Infinite Upsets Players With Paltry Roadmap For 6 Month Long Season 2 & Late Co-Op Release

This also means that we will probably not see forge until the end of the year, or maybe even next year. Too much to build bases for my clan… ”

For their part, developers have mentioned that in the new season we will see the incorporation of two new maps : Catalyst (Arena) and Breaker (Battle of large equipment); Three new game modes: King of the Hill, Land Grab and Last Spartan Standing; and new narrative events, Interference and Alpha Pack.

Out of this, there is not much more, at least for the moment. Considering how Halo went to the first season, we will surely see an increase in the number of players during the first days of May, But eventually users will lose interest . In related issues, here you can learn more about the Battle Royale mode for this game.

Editor's note:

Without a doubt, this is disappointing. It is impossible to believe that a study as great and with as many resources as 343 Industries is not able to constantly deliver content to its players. At the end of the day, only true fans will stay, and the rest of the public will advance to the next free-to-play experience.